Enhance your Zoho CRM experience with Zoho DataPrep

We are thrilled to announce the Zoho CRM Business app connector for Zoho DataPrep. With DataPrep's CRM data solution, you can now clean, prepare, migrate, and warehouse your CRM data, all in one interface. Zoho DataPrep can also be used to replicate, and backup your CRM data. Connecting and cleaning CRM data is only just a click away.

Here are some of the ways in which you can enhance your Zoho CRM data management. Let's get started!

Data migration

Zoho DataPrep can also be used to migrate your data from other CRM solutions to Zoho CRM.


Other CRM platforms → Zoho DataPrep → Zoho CRM

You can use Zoho DataPrep to migrate data from other CRM systems, prepare it and push to Zoho and CRM. 

  1. Connect to your sales data with Zoho DataPrep. Import data as files from other CRM solutions into DataPrep.

  2. Clean, prepare, model, transform, and enrich your CRM data.

  3. Export prepared data as files and push them back to your existing Zoho CRM modules or create a new one.

You can export the prepared data as files to your existing Zoho CRM modules, or create a new one and import your data into the respective modules in your Zoho CRM account. You can also switch modules or export your prepared data to another module while importing data into Zoho CRM.

Data backup and replication

Extract data from Zoho CRM
  Data replication and backup allow you to maintain a copy of your CRM data that may be useful for reference and fault tolerance.

Data replication involves storing the same data in multiple locations to improve data availability and accessibility. Having a replica can also make data access faster, especially in organizations with many locations, and balance the network load.

Using DataPrep's Zoho CRM connector, you can backup your Zoho CRM data or perform data replication, as and when needed. For example, you can choose to backup or create a replica of your data by scheduling data import before CRM data import or mass update operations. You can set it up once and need not worry about data losses.


Zoho CRM → Data destinations

  1. Connect to your sales data with Zoho DataPrep at module level using Zoho CRM connector.

  2. Configure import to backup data from a specific date. You can import your CRM data starting from last month or from the beginning. You can also choose to import data within a date range using the custom option.

  3. Export prepared data to 30+ data destinations from Zoho DataPrep including BI and Analytics platforms.

  4. Set and forget: Set up schedules using the connectors to auto-sync your CRM data to your data warehouses.

Replicating data from a variety of sources at different times may result in some datasets being out of sync with others. This may propagate inconsistent data across datasets. DataPrep helps you ensure that all replicas are updated consistently and maintain data lineage. You can create and set up ruleset templates to auto-clean, prepare, and transform your CRM data before storage.

We invite you to try the all-new Zoho DataPreps' Zoho CRM connector. To learn more about how you can use Zoho DataPrep for your Zoho CRM data read here. For more queries please reach out to us at support@zohodataprep.com.

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