Introducing our 2020 feature edition: Unlock the secret to everlasting customer relationships

One of the lessons 2020 has taught businesses is the importance of long-term customer relationships. The most resilient brands, the ones that have weathered many ups and downs, all have loyal customer bases—many of whom may have stuck with them for generations. Any business is bound to face unpredictable hurdles along their path, but those who put their customers first are able to pull through on the strength of these relationships. Such strong relationships are built on the three pillars of customer insight, experience, and business intelligence. The new Zoho CRM release fortifies your business in each of these areas, while strengthening the foundation of your customer relationship framework.

Build everlasting customer relationships with Zoho CRM

Insight: Truly understand your customers

Any good relationship requires you to understand the other party. As a business, understanding your customers lets you engage with them better. Delving into who your customers are, what they like, and how they interact with you helps you craft your products and services to suit your target market better. Therefore, understanding your customer base is of strategic importance. You should always know what works, what doesn’t, and where to focus your efforts next for optimum results.

The new release comes with multiple innovative ways to examine your customer data and uncover interesting trends. You can discover your best customers, like the big spenders, or the not-so-obvious ones who make small, consistent purchases. Make actionable observations about customer retention rates, lead conversion trends, and more, by breaking your sales and marketing data down in unique ways. Accurately identify the marketing campaigns that are working the best for your business, and translating into higher numbers.

New features that will help you gain deeper customer insight include:

  • Segmentation: Profile your customers based on parameters of their purchase patterns.

  • Webform analytics and testing: Conduct highly controlled A/B tests for your webforms, and get in-depth statistics about their performance.

  • Marketing attribution: Improve marketing efforts by directly linking them to sales revenue, and identifying high ROI campaigns.

  • Cohort and quadrant analysis: Discover useful trends in data using innovative new methods of analysis.

  • Zoho CRM Analytics app: Access all your CRM dashboards and analyze them to find the data you need, on the go.

Use the CRM Analytics App to access sales dashboards on the go 

Experience: Create personalized customer journeys

With the insight you can gain into your customers, you are in a position to create the perfect experience for them. But every customer is unique, and so is their journey with your business. With multiple touchpoints to interact with your business, and the multitude of choices customers can make at each step, the path from initial contact to purchase is hardly linear. You need a way to manage potentially thousands of customer journeys simultaneously, while personalizing each one.

Maybe a customer forgot an item in their cart, so you nudge them to complete their purchase. Or, if the data shows they aren’t likely to respond to a reminder, you can choose not to send an unnecessary email or notification. Send your customers offers for products they like, or personalize support services to show them you care. There are endless ways to add that personal touch to your customer interactions. 

The all new Zoho CommandCenter allows you to build highly customized journeys. You can coordinate the actions across all departments of your organization to deliver the ultimate personal experience to your customers. The visual builder makes it easy to use, and the detailed reports help you improve their experience at every stage.

Create seamless brand experiences for your customers


Intelligence: Predict what works best for your customers

If learning from your data is important to you, finding out what it isn’t telling you is just as crucial. Extrapolating patterns in customer data is a great way to predict what they might want next. This helps you put your best foot forward every time and optimize all your interactions with your customers.

What if a customer with a specific type of issue is best dealt with by a particular employee? Or, what if you find out that a customer who’s bought your customized coffee mug is also likely to show interest in your collection of jackets? Wouldn’t you want to prioritize an email reply if you knew a customer was extra frustrated? Insights like these are exactly how you can improve your selling efforts and customer responses.

The following updates to Zia help you anticipate your customers’ needs:

  • Prediction builder: Predict the value of any field in any module.

  • Recommendation engine: Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities for every prospect or customer.

  • Assignment suggestions: Find the best rep to handle a task.

  • Email analysis: Gauge customer sentiment, enrich customer data from email signatures, create events directly from email content, and more.


Foundation: Strengthen the base of all your customer relationships

The pillars are only as strong as the foundation they rest on, and Zoho CRM doesn’t leave you wanting here either. How you structure your CRM⁠—your data collection methods, the design of your pipeline, or the workflows in use⁠—all have a direct impact on user adoption and selling efficiency. When you get these basics right, the quality of your customer relationships improve. 

With this new release, you get a vast range of options to improve the way you work with your data to make selling easier. Data entry has become much quicker and more accurate. Build better, more customized workflows, and spot automation opportunities in places where you are wasting unnecessary manual effort.

The new features to strengthen your CRM foundation include:

  • Data collection wizards: Simplify complex data collection processes with contextual wizards.

  • Multiple pipelines: Manage multiple sales processes across product lines or geographies.

  • Review process: Set up standard processes to verify all data before it is entered into Zoho CRM to ensure data accuracy.

  • Call customization: Record information about all incoming and outgoing calls in a more organized manner.
  • Call and email workflows: Build workflows for calls and emails using an expanded set of triggers.

  • Workflow suggestions and reports: Reduce manual effort where it’s not needed with automated workflow suggestions, and track workflow performance with detailed reports.

Find out more about the latest features in Zoho CRM »

With the new features packed into the Zoho CRM 2020 edition, you have even more firepower for building enduring customer relationships. Watch our latest webinars to understand how these features work. Collect and organize your data better, and use it to understand your customers and predict their needs. Provide customers with the best possible brand experience, and watch your business bloom.


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