Now, Create Workflow Rules for Calls, Tasks & Events too!

Ok, the title is a give away and I’m sure many of you in Sales & Customer Support will definitely find this one useful.

But before I proceed, here’s a little background:

Ever since the launch of the New, Simpler CRM, our aim has been to make your CRM experience as simple as possible. And with Workflow Rules, you should be able to automate most of your activities, so that you focus on spending more time with your prospects and customers.

This update is also an effort towards the same. Here’s more on that:

Imagine a case where you cold-call prospects in the call center you work for. A successful day depends on the number of calls that you have attended to, and also on the number of calls that you have closed. The chances are high that a prospect you called is interested in your offer and would like a follow-up call. You now have to assign this to a field sales rep who has to follow-up with the prospect. With Workflow Rules for Calls, this is how you’d do it:

Create a Workflow Rule for the Calls module. Name the rule the way you like it. The rule should be executed whenever the Call Result is ‘Interested‘.

Create a related task.

Save your Workflow Rule.

Now every time you change the value of the ‘Call Result’ field to ‘Interested’, your Workflow Rule will be executed.

Think of all the benefits:

  • No manual entry. Your rule will take care of creating a task, assigning it and the notification too.
  • And more importantly, you save time. You can focus on your next call.

There are other ways in which you can use this feature. Like these here:
(Oh, and just to clarify – Activities in Zoho CRM include Tasks, Events and Calls).

  • Send email alerts if your task is pending for a week after the due date
  • Follow-up calls. Trigger the second or third call based on the call type
  • Send notifications to senior management after you complete ‘high-priority’ tasks
  • Send meeting invitations to customers automatically

Do try this feature and let us know your thoughts. If you find other scenarios that work well for your business, please share them with us.


14 Replies to Now, Create Workflow Rules for Calls, Tasks & Events too!

  1. Hello, Are you able to let the assigned person which prospect to contact? I am doing something similar but I am creating a workflow rule to create a task to follow-up after I send out an email. I was able to create the workflow task to show me that I need to follow-up but it does not tell me who specifically. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi there. I am needing the workflow to create an event. We sell travel services and as our clients confirm (an opportunity is confirmed), we need to make sure everything goes OK with his trip. So we need to put it in a calendar, and having the possibility of creating events with a workflow rule would be very very useful. Thanks in advance, we'd really appreciate if you worked on that.

  3. Hi there,I just logged into the system and saw the new change. You guys did an amazing job, this is exactely what I needed for the last few months!I really like the approach and I hope you will continue optimizing those features!Take care and kind regards from Stuttgart,

  4. Would be nice if you could also auto convert, for example based on the status of a Quote you could set a rule to automatically convert to purchase order. Maybe you can do this I am new to Zoho let me know if you can, thanks

  5. Hello, I am interested in using Zoho CRM for a real estate brokerage business, but I could not find any help or case studies for this industry. You guys could really be the first ones to cater to real estate firms by helping out with either knowledge base of features and implementation specifically for this industry. Can someone offer a free consultation to port my data into the CRM?

  6. Query :-Hi team, we are totally on Zoho CRM for our Marketing and Sales per say. Just want to understand :* Is there any provision of having an alert, when there's a new note added / modified ? which can be sent to any of the end users ?

  7. Thanks for the new feature and i think it is a good idea to automate the workflows. I always do it with my tool Comindware task manager and I find it the best way to organize the work in the office most effective.

  8. Hi,
    Nice new feature. You write: There are other ways in which you can use this feature. Like these here:
    Send email alerts if your task is pending for a week after the due dateHow would you do that?Kind regards,

  9. Hi,Sorry about the workflow does not trigger during the "close" from the related items section. We will fix it soon. But for the edit it should work smoothly and consistently. We will see why it does not work properly for you.Thank you,

  10. We just tried this feature, already discovered some bugs:We created a workflow to trigger after a task has been marked as "completed" and send a message to the original creator of the task.If the task is closed from the related items section of the contact, the workflow doesn't trigger and no message arrives.If the task is EDITED, the workflow triggers, but not consistently. It only worked once, after multiple attempts and several tasks created.Hope you iron out the bugs, as this is a great feature.

  11. If I'm not mistaken, the WFRule trigger date begins at one day after execution of the trigger. Is there a way to evoke at the time the trigger is executed?Thanks,

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