Where do You Go from Here? Best Practices for Using a CRM System

This is the last post in our series looking at the 5 Big Questions of CRM Systems.

 In case you missed the first four posts, make sure you check them out:

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2. What is a CRM? 

3. Why You Need a CRM System

4. When Should You Implement a CRM System? 

In this post, I want to give you some best practices for using CRM.

Crm System

Map out your sales process and engrain it in your sales team

– How do potential customers find you and how are they going to get into your CRM?

– What happens to those potentials once they are in your CRM?

– What steps do your sales team need to follow when a lead is assigned to them?

– What happens when your sales team closes a deal?

Train your staff and management teams on CRM

– Does your team understand why you’re implementing a CRM system?

– Is your management team aware of time saving benefit they’ll receive by using a CRM system?

– Does your team understand the value of customer lifecycle and how a CRM system can help?

– Can you restructure employee compensation to reinforce the benefits of using a CRM system?

Use workflow automation for repetitive tasks

– What actions are performed on every lead, contact, potential and could they be automated?

– What specific tasks should be automatically assigned to a sales person once they receive or convert a lead?

– Is there information from one module that if changed should update information another module?


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