Are You Connected To All Your Clients In The Right Way?

Matt, one of the most popular stockbrokers in his town, has three clients named Karen, Aaron, and Carla. Each client has a different profession, a different lifestyle, and a different set of financial priorities. 

In order to keep track of each of his client’s interests and maximize their returns on investment, he has to meticulously follow stock prices and market trends; as well as any activity that could affect investments, like changes in company management or local and federal administrations. All of this while also predicting when a company’s stock price will increase or decreaseNot only does he have to monitor all of this activity, but he also has to share the data with each client as it specifically pertains to their money and their investments. What is right for Karen, a florist, may not be right for Aaron, a teacher, or Carla, a lawyer.

Like many professions, being a successful stock broker requires precise and up-to-the-second information. It also requires organization and a client database so you can communicate with an individual at a moment’s notice. For Matt, he owes everything to the Nexmo integration with Zoho CRM. With it, he can quickly and effectively communicate with every client as well as the ability to:

  • Sort contacts to stay organized

  • Create tailored messages for different groups or contacts

  • Send custom messages via SMS or voicemail to specific recipients

  • Receive SMS responses from clients to follow the entire thread

  • Set up an interactive voice response (IVR)

  • Record and access telephony statistics to see which strategies are and aren’t working

Although Matt is incredibly hard working and loves his job, he couldn’t do it without the Nexmo integration in Zoho CRM. Download it from the Zoho Marketplace and see how it helps you stay organized, communicate with clients, and grow. Just like it did for Matt. 


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