Explaining the D-Tools CRM System

One of the luxuries of being the boss is that I can choose what projects I want to get to get involved in here at D-Tools.  For the most part all of the core software development, marketing, sales and finance/operations are handled with great care and competence by the D-Tools executive and management team.  This means that the bulk of my time at work can be devoted to improving our internal business processes and looking down the road at what products and services we can add to our mix.

Just as D-Tools SI becomes an integral part of our low voltage system integrators clients’ business process our CRM system is an integral part of our business process.  Anyone who has read any of the previous posts on this topic could come to the conclusion that that I am somewhat of a CRM freak or superfreak.   I have found that a good CRM system can always be made better by constant tweaking of the business process and work flow.

In the past I would send these updates and tweaks by email to the sales team and post specific business process documentation to the D-Tools internal wiki.  That works OK but all of that information stays behind our firewall and does not help anyone else trying to implement Zoho CRM or any other CRM system for that matter.

So moving forward I am going to “open source” our internal business process on how it relates to our CRM system.  I am doing this for two reasons.  One, I tend to get kind of lazy when I am writing for a small audience compromised of company employees.  This will help me explain the processes better.  Two, at the recent CEDIA Expo a colleague mentioned that one of my memorable quotes was “high tide floats all boats” as it relates to sharing information.  I don’t remember saying that but I agree with the statement.  In any case a well functioning CRM system can help all companies of any size be more successful and chances are that some of those companies are in low voltage integration space and will eventually need more seats of our software.

OK, three reasons.  Add greed to the list.

Stay tuned for follow-up posts under this title.

Adam Stone is a Zoho CRM customer and CEO/Founder of D-Tools Software.


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  1. so... are we going to see an integration between D-tools And Zoho CRM ? to be honest with you i will be the first one buying it if hapened !!

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