Customer Spotlight: When Landing the Right CRM Can Take You to the Next Level…and Beyond


“We had been through the ringer!”

Those were the words that Secita Solutions founder Mike Moore used when describing his search for an adequate CRM to use.

“I tried ACT, Sugar, Maximizer, and Vtiger and was tired of looking for CRMs…until I found Zoho.  As soon as I did, I started planning big things down the road for Secita because I immediately knew Zoho was going to take us to the next level…and beyond!”

The Business

Secita was founded in 2011 by Mike Moore.  Having a background in computer hardware and marketing, Moore saw a need for company marketing solutions that were on the surface simple and easy to implement, yet behind the scenes backed by modern web technology.  Thus, Secita was born.

Based in South Africa, Secita creates integrated digital marketing solutions for small and medium businesses using modern web technologies.  Their philosophy is to make use of high-level software tools that harness the best of modern web technology without getting bogged down in the ultra geeky stuff.

The Challenge:  Finding Apps That Can Manage An Entire Company’s Infrastructure 

Mike Moore – Owner

Soon after starting Secita, Mike Moore knew that he wanted external applications to help his business grow.

“I really wanted to move away from infrastructure management so that I could focus on other parts of the business.  As it was, I was spending way too much time just helping the business run along rather than pursuing growth opportunities which is what I really wanted to do.

During the search, Moore became increasingly dissatisfied with the solutions he was finding.

“Many of the other CRMs would offer some of what I was looking for, but none seemed capable of the type of infrastructure management I was looking for.”

Selection Criteria and Competitive Analysis of CRM Solutions

Moore had two main selection criteria when searching for CRM applications:  superior reporting, and cloud-based.

“As a company offering web technology and marketing, I know the importance of having everything easily accessible from anywhere on the cloud.  Zoho fit that criteria to a tee!”

Implementing Zoho CRM

Moore found implementation of Zoho CRM easy and painless.

“Zoho CRM really didn’t take us too long to learn and feel comfortable with.  Not only is Zoho flexible and easy-to-use, but it’s robust enough that it is sufficient for sizable growth.”

Life After Implementation

Since implementing Zoho, Secita’s efficiency and productive have experienced a noticeable improvement.

“We have had pretty steady growth since starting Zoho CRM and there’s no doubt in my mind that a good portion of that is due to Zoho.”

Secita is also looking to implement other Zoho apps.

“We have started to incorporate Zoho Recruit and Zoho Creator into our business.  We use Recruit as a back office solution for companies and Creator to take advantage of APIs into Recruit and to expand interfaces.”

What Would You Like to Say to Other Customers about CRM Solutions?

“We are 100% believers in Zoho.  It’s easy to learn, unbelievably intuitive, and does everything we need a CRM to do.  Additionally, we are planning HUGE things down the road by incorporating Zoho Creator to expand functionality around our existing business apps.  We are making big investments into Recruit and Creator, and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.”

To learn more about Secita, CLICK HERE


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  1. "We have been through the ringer" is a clever combination of "We have been through the wringer" (had a difficult time) and ringer (a fake athlete or horse) which would presumably mean something like, "We have had a difficult time with counterfeits". An arresting way to open an advertorial and I'll try to reuse it myself if I can find the right opportunity. But is that what was meant by Mr Moore, or just a typo?

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