Customer Spotlight: Renewable Energy Made Possible By Zoho

ecomarklogoIndustry: Renewable & Environment

Size: 50-200

Type: B2C

EcoMark Solar is a company based in Denver, Colorado whose goal is to accelerate the adoption of solar energy on a grassroots level.  Specifically, EcoMark is a marketing, lead generation, and channel sales firm that specializes in public outreach and persuasion on behalf of the renewable energy industry. They specialize in selling residential solar capabilities.

Challenges: Finding a fully-featured CRM at an affordable price

EcoMark Solar was using Salesforce before moving to Zoho CRM. The catalyst for EcoMark  switching CRM services came after its business model changed. Earlier we had a single user account.  However, the new business model required multiple users.

We were expanding and had sales reps, customer service reps, managers, etc., and all we needed was a fully-featured CRM that could accommodate at least 20 users without costing us an arm and a leg.

Since we had to train over 20 members to use the CRM, we were looking for a CRM with an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface.


With several members of EcoMark’s team having prior experience with Zoho, it became the logical choice to try.  Fortunately for EcoMark, the search process stopped with Zoho CRM.

We were able to get off to a fast start with Zoho CRM right away, primarily because of the simple and intuitive user interface.

“One of the things that has been really helpful in getting running with Zoho CRM is the live chat support – those guys are great!”

Although Z-CRM has a great reporting tool, I wanted to use something with some more robust features, so we decided to integrate with Zoho Analytics.”

Tools that helped us grow 

1) Integration with Zoho Analytics     

2) Workflow Automation


“We’ve been using Zoho for about a year now and so far so good!  With reports we can now identify metrics telling us information about the health of a certain department, quality of our leads, and employee performance.  We can also identify trends which help us with forecasting.” Workflow rules have proven to be the most valuable tool for EcoMark within Zoho CRM. In fact, now we couldn’t operate without those features. 

In addition to Zoho CRM, we has also found a lot of value in Zoho Analytics.

“Going forward, I’m excited to start using the forecasting feature and possibility integrating with Zoho Campaigns.”

– Ian Melchoir, EcoMark Solar


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