Make workflow automation swift and easy.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation lets you streamline the sales, marketing, and support processes. Write your own rules. Simplify your sales follow-ups based on your unique business needs. Automatically assign leads and customers to the reps best qualified to handle them. Improve the efficiency of salespeople by eliminating redundant steps while updating records, triggering email notifications etc. at the right time. And grow your business through standardizing working methods at reduced operating costs.

Accelerate sales follow-ups.

Set up workflow triggers while creating records or modifying records. Associate actions like tasks, email notifications, field updates, webhooks and custom functions with the CRM record that matches the pattern.

Getting things done.

Associate tasks to the workflow rules so that new tasks are dynamically created for the salespeople when CRM records are created or modified.

Personalized alerts.

Won a big deal? Share the good news with your team when a big deal closes or is in near completion state. Configure email notifications using pre-defined email templates and upon triggering a workflow rule, personalized emails are sent to all the recipients.

Time-based actions.

Experts say that anything that you do more than twice has to be automated. Before closing a deal, you have to execute a series of tasks, send email messages, and update CRM record at regular interval. With time-based actions, you can automatically schedule the workflow actions at pre-defined interval and close more deals in less time.


Want to send an SMS to your warehouse upon closing a business deal? Webhooks make this type of integration easy by sending instant notifications to 3rd party applications every time an event occurs in CRM. The event can be anything, like creation of a contact, closing a business deal or the updation of a customer request.

Custom functions.

Custom Functions let you update the information related to CRM modules or external apps by executing simple scripts. When a record matches the workflow pattern, the scheduler automatically triggers the custom function and updates the CRM records. You can easily program the custom functions using Zoho's Deluge Script, associate them to workflow rules, and enrich customer record. Of course, you can also share these scripts with CRM users through gallery.

Save time with macros.

Sending an email to prospect, updating customer record and creating a follow-up sales task after call is something you do several times in a day. Macros automate these series of routine activities for you so that you can focus on sales prospecting.

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