Automate. Be Productive.

Working in sales and marketing, there's little margin for missed follow-ups. Zoho CRM's workflow automation makes your business hours more productive by finishing routine tasks for you.

Let your CRM follow up for you.

When converting a single lead into a deal, factors like what actions need to be taken and when play a big role in closing. When a lead comes into your CRM, you send a series of emails via drip campaigns to qualify them. Doing this manually hundreds of times over means you lose valuable time. With scheduled actions, you can automate drip emails, set up tasks to nurture potential customers, and follow up with every lead until they are qualified. You can set actions to occur instantly as well.

Never miss a due date.

Set time-based actions to remind yourself about subscription renewals or upcoming payments. Make your customers feel special by sending birthday wishes or personalized holiday greetings from your CRM.

Hook your apps up.

Want to text your warehouse every time you close a deal? Webhooks let you trigger actions in third-party applications every time an event occurs in CRM. From creating a contact to closing a deal, use webhooks to put your CRM in conversation with hundreds of other apps.

Extend your CRM with custom functions.

As a salesperson, you need to access different pieces of customer information that are essential to follow up with your leads and close your deals. However, keeping track of all of this data is difficult when you use different applications. Zoho CRM’s custom functions can help you solve this problem. Build custom functions so you can view information from third-party applications that you use on a daily basis right inside your CRM. You can also auto-fill state and city based on zip codes, or calculate cumulative revenue from a customer based on all closed deals.

Put the right leads in the right hands.

Imported leads, web form leads, and trade show leads - each source require different levels of nurturing. Want to make it easier to assign them to the appropriate sales reps? Auto-assign all the hot web form leads to your team's best closer, or the cold-call leads to your champion persuader.

Or take the round-robin route.

Rather than deciding which lead goes where, assign them using a round-robin algorithm that ensures equal and continuous distribution between sales reps, groups, or other roles that you choose.

Smooth out your approval process.

Find yourself frequently running a discount that needs the approval of sales managers or sales heads? Automate the process to send them an email requesting multi-level or sequential approvals. Based on their feedback, you can also define a set of actions to be performed.

Save time with macros.

Macros in Zoho CRM let you trigger a set of actions for activities you execute manually. With a single click, use macros to simultaneously send an email, update a record, and create a task CRM notices when you're repeating work and suggests macros that could get the job done faster. Share them so that your team members can run the same set of actions.