The Most Critical Aspect of Your CRM is the Administrator

When I interview Zoho customers I often hear two common stories of what life was like before Zoho:

  1. Data was spread out over multiple applications such as spreadsheets, documents, and industry-specific applications. Nothing was integrated and customer data was a constant hunt.
  2. Support from application vendors was very poor.

Once Tara Lynn Gray, President and CEO of Yadari Enterprises, switched to Zoho she said she’s “feeling the love.” Yadari Enterprises is an information technology shop that specializes in mobile device management. The two of us spoke at the Zoho user conference, Zoholics in Burlingame, California.

Since Yadari Enterprises moved to Zoho, Gray’s company now has complete flexibility to modify their views and forms, plus they can get a full view of the customer, track interactions, and get an overall pulse on the business. “That flexibility is key for small businesses,” said Gray.

Information is accessible instantly. No more looking for sticky notes. No more looking up spreadsheets. No more looking through Outlook folders, Gray said.

While Yadari Enterprise relies on Zoho, they rely more heavily on their office manager to police the implementation of Zoho CRM. Gray and I talked about the keynote presenter who discussed the importance of having one person to be the administrator of the CRM. They have to be in charge, making sure that everyone inputs the data the same way. And if a problem needs to be solved and an issue needs to be researched, then the administrator handles that, said Gray.

Gray said she’s looking to migrate all her company’s activities to Zoho as she realizes there really isn’t a need for too many other outside tools.


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