The One Application That’s Open All Day

Brian Colon is a Zoho addict, or Zoholic as we like to say.

Colon is a Business Development Specialist for Seedco, a non-profit organization that does community development in NYC and across the U.S. We got a chance to speak with him at the Small Business Expo in New York.

Responsible for workforce development at Seedco, Colon wasn’t always a happy Zoho customer. He used to be stuck in the muck of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to manage his contacts. When searching for CRM solutions he bumped into Zoho and has quickly become an avid fan.

Zoho is the only tab that’s always open on his desktop, said Colon. He’s constantly accessing it to enter information and to pull reports for supervisors and anyone else who needs stats.

For those who have yet to discover Zoho, Colon’s advice is to simply follow the process. The entire website is very simple to use. While computer savvy, Colon is admittedly not a tech geek. He claims you can master the entire system in just a single day. That’s what he did. And look at him now. He’s a Zoholic.


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