3 Ways the Talkdesk Call Center Software Integration Can Help Teams Sell More

This is a guest post by Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk – a leading browser-based call center software.


If your team uses Zoho CRM, you surely understand the value of having a complete overview of prospects during sales interactions. What you may not realize is that without integrating your call center software with Zoho CRM – and automating certain tasks – contact details might slip through the cracks, costing your team deals.

Talkdesk for Zoho CRM closes this information gap between your CRM and call center software. It not only enriches CRM data with information from phone interactions, but also automates some of the sales process and ensures that your team has access to accurate contact data. How does this help teams sell more? Here are three ways:

1. Leverage accurate contact information
Talkdesk for Zoho CRM ensures that contact profile information is automatically updated in both systems after each phone interaction so that teams don’t miss a detail about their prospects. For example, when an agent completes a call with a prospect, the call data, recording and disposition are updated in both systems. When a call is missed or a voicemail received, Talkdesk creates a case in the contact’s profile in Zoho CRM and sends an email with the call data, recording and transcription. This makes it simple to enrich Zoho CRM with accurate information from phone interactions automatically. It also keeps entire teams on the same page so they can be more productive and efficient – and close more deals.


2. Automate tasks
Talkdesk also saves teams time by automating certain business tasks. For example, when a new prospect calls, Talkdesk will automatically create a new contact in Zoho CRM and pre-populate their contact information into both systems. When a call is missed, Talkdesk will automatically create a new case in Zoho CRM with the call data, voicemail recording and transcription. This allows teams to spend their time where it really matters – focusing on the prospect – so they can sell more.


3. Click-to-call directly from Zoho CRM
Talkdesk makes it simple to place a call to a prospect with one click, directly from the Zoho CRM interface. All sales reps need to do is click on the phone number and Talkdesk will take care of the rest. This makes it easy for them to stay connected with prospects throughout the entire sales cycle – increasing the likelihood that they will close the deal.


There you have it – three ways Talkdesk for Zoho CRM can help teams close more deals.  Do you want to try it out for yourself? Talkdesk for Zoho CRM takes five minutes to set up, will enhance the capabilities of your sales team and will allow them to close more deals.


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