Zoho Creator: Visualize your data better with Conditional Formatting

Zoho Creator has helped you grasp information quickly with reports in the form of graphs and charts. Achieving this with data in tabular format is more challenging. Our new feature Conditional Formatting makes it possible.

With conditional formatting you can now color code your data in both list and spreadsheet view based on any criteria. The ability to automatically have certain data highlighted allows you to quickly and easily spot trends, outliers, or bring information to your attention.

Check out these examples:

With an Order Management app, you can mark the orders that are delivered in green, the ones delayed in red and the on schedule deliveries in yellow.

inventory management app

Suppose you create a custom app to track the grades of students in a class. With conditional formatting, you can automatically have the student’s name highlighted in green if they are passing and red if they are failing based on the grades.

With an Inventory Management app, the products can be highlighted in green if there are plenty in stock, yellow if they are running low and red if they are critically low. This will ensure that the inventory manager knows when to replenish them.

We would love to hear how you make use of Conditional Formatting. If you’d like more details or have any questions, email us at support@zoho.com/creator?



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  1. This is a great idea and function. Is there a way to have the conditional formatting carry through if the view is added to a scheduled email as pdf?

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