Success Story: K. Hovnanian Homes uses Zoho Creator

K. Hovnanian® Homes™ is a nationally recognized homebuilder that has been committed to excellence since 1959. The company started as a family-owned business, and through well-defined acquisition efforts, has expanded over the years to become a family of homebuilders with localized expertise in numerous markets throughout the United States.

Getting to the point, this below picture demonstrates how K. Hovnanian® Homes™ operated their business on a daily basis ie., collecting the home listing information of various parts of the state from their sales representatives and publishing this information onto their corporate website (
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And after putting in much effort and time, the team was unable to provide consistent, accurate and real-time information for their customers when they requested them for. It cost them a lot in terms of money and customer satisfaction.

Alan Bradford, the marketing consultant of K. Hovnanian® Homes™ stumbled upon Zoho Creator. Combining Zoho Creator, Zoho Chat and another free website hosting service, the team was able to setup an environment where their sales associates can update their information easily. The entire process took them just 3 weeks. Yes just 3 weeks. Read the full story here.

Another interesting thing I found from Alan’s personal blog is that he has been using Zoho Creator for his personal needs since Sep 2006. Since then, he has been waiting patiently for Zoho Creator to become more reliable in terms of speed and uptime to use it for business needs (read his comment at Land of ZC). Thanks for your patience Alan, hope it paid off.

Do check out his personal blog – Big Ugly Couch, he writes some pretty interesting stuff there!

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