New in Zoho Creator: Searchable Lookup, Exposed Formula Field and Flexible Custom Actions

There has been plenty of activity going on at Zoho Creator lately; regarding Forms, Views, and everything database. The changes they bring are intended to achieve greater convenience in terms of usability, and it comes as a result of increasing responsiveness and customization. To name a few,

Searchable lookup:

You know Look-up fields. That list which you use to pick values from fields on other forms? It just got better. If you are looking up tens of records, then it wouldn’t make a big difference, but if you have tens of thousands of records, then you’d have known how long the browser takes to load them all.

Searchable Lookup fieldsNot any more, no matter how many records you have. We’ve given it auto-complete feature. In addition to the pick-list, you can also type the value. As you type, it automatically suggests the possible entries you are looking for, leaving out the rest. That way, you don’t have to scroll through the entire list to pick the last value.

Exposed Formula fields:

Formula fields are primarily to perform calculations using the values entered into other fields. And, they were hidden on forms. But now, we’ve made it optional to display formula fields to users. As and when users fill up a form, they can see the value of the formula field change instantly. The formula field shown below will add the values entered into the three number fields. Try?

Custom actions, custom place:

Though you reordered columns on views to the desired order, the Custom Action button always remained the last one. Previously, it could not be reordered. With 3 or 4 columns, it is not a big task, but if you have 70 columns on your view, then every time you need to execute a custom action, you had to scroll all the way to the last. Now, you can place it first one on the View, and execute them easily. You reorder it just as you do any other column; drag-&-drop.

custom actionWhile you check these out, I’ll go fetch the other things to be declared open. Stay tuned.


6 Replies to New in Zoho Creator: Searchable Lookup, Exposed Formula Field and Flexible Custom Actions

  1. Nice. Small error with the custom location of custom actions. I have a custom action that I have since placed in column 1 of a form. Now when I click 'view' against a record the pop-up showing field/value pairs is misaligned by 1 column from the point the custom action column is shown.e.g. View
    Col 1 = Send Quote
    Col 2 = Name: Mark
    Col2 = Surname: ThurmanWhen I click 'view' on the record the popup displays like this:
    Col 1 = Send Quote: Mark
    Col 2 = Name: Thurman
    Col 3 = Surname: NULLKeep em coming though - these are all good!

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