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Configure Custom Actions


Custom Actions are actions performed on selected records in a report, based on a defined criteria(optional), by executing function calls. For example, you can create a function to send email notifications and configure this function as a custom action for a report. You can a define a criteria Email(field) - not equal to - ""(null). This action can be invoked for selected records in the report if the specified criteria is met. The custom action can be displayed as:

- Show Action in Report Header in which case user would check the records for which the custom action must be executed and then request this Custom Action from the Report Header. In the screen-shot given below, you will find the Custom Action named "Send Mail" is displayed in the report header .

- Show Action For Each Record, in which case the custom action will be displayed as a clickable button against each record (in the right most column). Click on the button to execute the action for that specific record. In the screen-shot given below, you will find the custom action named "Send Mail" displayed for each record.

-Show Action in Edit Drop-down Menu, in which case the custom action will be displayed as clickable button under the Edit record drop down option. The edit option appears when you mouse over to a particular record in the live mode. In the screenshot shown-below, you will see the custom action "Send Mail" displayed in the dropdown list.

Steps to Configure Custom Action

To configure a Custom Action, 

  • From the dashboard page, select a report from the Reports tab.
  • The Report Settings page pops up.
  • Click on Custom Actions from the left-side tree.

The screen-shot given below displays the Custom Action configuration dialog. To learn more about the steps in configuring a function as custom action, refer the topic Custom Actions.

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