Comment from a Zoho Creator addict flatters us

It’s good to see such comments after a long, hard and tiring month for Zoho Creator team, which is working hard on performance enhancements of the apps. Did we succeed? Updates on that front later. First let us take a quick sigh of relieeeeeef reading these comments.


1º Because this tool is simple and easy to learn and, because of that, it is also easy to explain to non-developers how to setup things;

3º Because ZC have a free plan (despite the increasing of limitations);


Yes, we have limited some of the features in Free plan, reason being that we want to run the show so that small and medium business owners with an idea can create apps at low price and manage their business. Now we have introduced 3 user plan at $15 targeted to smallest business owners and home-based businesses. Marketplace is one of the kind of initiative where in business owners can buy apps from third party developers -or- get a custom made app by the developers at reasonable price.

And finally, i start to understand some programming logic and i started to make some progresses in coding… could you imagine that?!?!?!


The reason behind designing the contextual linking to Script Tab from ‘Form/ View’ tab is this. We wanted to introduce ‘Deluge Script’ at slow pace giving users time and flexibility to run their hands on it. Further splitting Script Tab into two – Script Builder (for novice scriptwriters) and Free Flow Scripting (for advance scriptwriters) makes it easier for them to get accustomed to Deluge Script quickly. Guess we have succeeded.

 Because of the dynamic of this forum, and some advanced users: Several shared doubts are posted, and we always have an answer, almost of the times with code examples. And the best part is that we can grant permissions to developers for helping us… (Thanks ZC team, Binarysprinter and Scriptlogic ;)).


Truly, they are the superstars in Zoho Creator Forum, helping users with the tips and tricks and offering solutions for user requirements at Zoho Marketplace. Thank you Binarysprinterand Gaev

More details about the Zoho Creator addict at forum titled – Zoho support sucks yes the thread started that way 😉

On behalf of the entire development team I thank the Zoho Creator Addict – Arcílio Silva, for making such an elaborate comment 🙂 Hope we can live up to his expectations in future too.

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