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Recently, I came across a wonderful article shared by a friend on 6 personality and work environment types. The work environments recommended according to personality types made a lot of sense.. I found myself mentally screening myself and other friends, if we were in the right jobs.. Most of us, thankfully, are.

What also set me thinking was, is it possible for one person to assimilate in himself all the personality types and thus be suitable for any work environment?

The answer stared at me like a writing on the wall. YES. If we consider each personality type to be a hat, wearing a different hat at different times is what we all do. Only we don’t do it consciously. And more importantly we are not forced to do it. But what about those who do it consciously and with elan? Who you ask.

Before going into that.. here are the 6 personalities that the article speaks about..

  • Realistic (Do’er) – Gets down.. gets his hand dirty and gets the work done.
  • Investigative (Thinker) – Works with numbers, and other info and arrives at conclusions. Puts the grey cells on overdrive and makes decisions.
  • Artistic (Creator) – Justifying the name, the artistic talents come to the fore in terms of creativity and originality.
  • Social (Helper) – Genial, empathetic and ever ready to lend a helping hand.
  • Enterprising (Persuader) – A born leader and competitor .. Always plays to win..
  • Conventional (Organizer) – Ms.Goody two shows.. Prim and proper

Can you see now.. Yes.. If you are an entrepreneur.. You sir, are our guest of honor today. The way you nonchalantly juggle all 6 hats and mange to come out trumps at the end of the day.. We salute your resilience and fortitude. How is running a business juggling 6 hats?

Well you see..

  • You are the one who runs around.. trying to put two and two together, pulling all the right things in place.. and getting the venture up and running..
  • Once the business begins to take baby steps, you do further research, analyze competition and come up with the best ways to take your business forward.
  • You are also involved in all things nice like the logo/website design, crafting mission/vision statement and the works. And once in a while the writer in you takes wings in the form of blog posts that stand out!
  • You are the one who keeps your staff and an occasionally irate customer in good vibes.. You patiently hear them talk about their problems , help them solve it.. and also make them smile with your reassurance that it will all be fine!
  • What’s a business without the casual marketing stunt and a sporadic public appearance that drives the crowds crazy. The leader in you leads and motivates your staff to greater heights.. And the charmer in you charms customers and critics alike with wit, wisecracks and an esoteric marketing mantra to set the cash registers ringing.
  • Over and above all this you maintain a strict regime for yourself and diligently file every single bit of paperwork that might come in handy..
  • And finally.. when the time comes for a difficult decision, you stand your ground and do what you think is in the best interests of you, your company, staff and customers.

So there you see.. how effortlessly you have been doing all this, all this while.. Running a business all by your own is never easy.. And when you have the right software for your specific needs.. It’s all the more easier. So it’s all rosy right? No.. Not just yet..

What if with all the above traits you could also.. Write Code and design all those killer apps on your own? With a friend like Zoho Creator you can rest easy. No coding.. No complex words to remember.. No syntax.. Just drag, drop and build your dream application without breaking a sweat..

There.. your worst fear is now off the list.. So here’s a pat on your back from us.. for being the trailblazer that you are.. And a shoulder.. when you need one.. With Zoho.. you are never alone! 🙂


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