Why this is the right time to be a tech geek

Gazing at Gizmodo or calling yourself a geek doesn't make you one. Being a geek is more about "how you love" than "what you love". Geeks are motivated by a passionate interest in a specific subject. A survey conducted by the geek pride survey, supports the fact that geeks may be the best fit for technology-related jobs given they tend to be first adopters of technology and a common 'go-to' person for tech advice.

But first who's a geek? 

The term geek connoted a circus person in the sideshow who performed bizarre feats. From there, it became an insulting term for people with unusual hobbies and interests. Over time, the meaning of geek has changed to include anyone with an obsession that sets them apart from the crowd. Technology in particular is an area of interest that stands out as positively geeky.

Do you have that kind of undying fervor? Here's a few reasons why now's a great time to be a tech geek.

1. The market is never going down 

Computer skills are a must in the workforce. And the more you know about technology, the more you're in demand. The skills can be anything from building a simple poll bot to building something in real time for collaboration. The roles of software engineers and computer engineers have been changing and evolving along with technical advancements, but the market is never slowing down. They change and evolve as technology moves further into cognitive computing and so on. If you are looking for an exciting carrier and job security, then this is it.   

2. Everybody wants you 

"There are 10 people in the whole world: Those who understand binary and those who don't".

Tech geeks speak the language of computers. Since computers pretty much rule the world, knowing them better makes you a hot commodity in the workplace.

3.You can be your own boss

Geeks seldom need professional guidance or emotional support, as all the creative juices flow from within. Needless to say, such a level of self-sufficiency eliminates distractions. Not having to wait for anyone's confirmation and approval, they work towards their goal with utter commitment and laser focus. All this contributes to their productivity, making them highly efficient as entrepreneurs. Let's consider the examples of Big G's like Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk, and Mark Zukerberg. Each of them bypassed conventional wisdom and took a road less traveled that paved the way for massive success. We need to pay more attention to geeks because they challenge social norms and often change things in a big way. If you're a geek, wear your fandom on your sleeve.

4. Up-to-date with updates 

One thing that distinguishes geeks from the rest of the crowd is their undying commitment to the things they love, be it high-tech gadgets or the new AI technology that's come to the market. They are fanatical about the object of their obsession, always wanting to put in extra effort to make sure they are the first to know about the latest news or updates. To others, it might be a hobby or a pastime. To them it's the reason they exist. If you have something which your life revolves around, you are closer to being a geek than you think.

It's your turn now 

The more the world is moving towards information, the more geeks are relied upon to deliver the knowledge people need. So there you go! 4 reasons to be a tech geek. If you find yourselves relating to more reasons, share them with us in the comments.


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  1. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. The term "Geek" is definitely a compliment today. I am proud of being one. :-)

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