Remote Work Matters

Remote work has taken the world by storm. With nearly ubiquitous internet access and the increasing power of our online tools, working remotely has never been more popular.

It's an alluring option for many employees who appreciate a little time away from the confines of an office. And for some, remote work means getting in a few extra hours while away on an exotic vacation.

So, why not embrace it?

What exactly is remote work?

Simply put, it’s working away from office spaces. Many companies like Automattic and Zapier are completely remote while others might allocate employees a set amount of time for remote work.

As popular as it is, working remotely isn't for everyone. It requires a strong command of time and a deep-rooted sense of self-motivation. There are times when sending emails, screenshots, and PDFs back-and-forth just don't cut it. Sometimes work requires more involvement.

Also, as much as it sounds like a dream come true, remote work can actually be more strenuous when compared to on-site work. Working remotely, you’re the only one to be held accountable, and you’re in a constant state of disconnect from your coworkers.

So what’s going to alleviate all these issues? Enter Cliq.

Welcome to PrimeTime!

Too much to say on a call? Emails not giving you enough information (or way too much)? Find yourself scheduled for a meeting that you won’t be able to attend?

We know the feeling. PrimeTime can help. Combine video call and chat to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. And, with the ability to collaborate with as many as 100 users simultaneously, you can have a global meeting at any time.

Show more with screen sharing.

Sometimes you just need to walk your team through a workflow or go over your latest presentation. Cliq has you covered. With screen and audio sharing built into chat, you can keep the conversation going.

No matter how you communicate, Cliq ensures a cohesive experience and enhances team collaboration. And it's easy! All you need is a sufficient internet connection (and the Cliq plugin if you use Chrome), and you're good to go!

"Before the screen sharing feature became available on Cliq, we'd spend time setting up the mic and other equipment. Now we can collaborate with our CTO, who's working remotely from Hyderabad, with just our laptop mic and speaker." - Karthee Vidya, Founder, Team Everest

Keep the line going.

With reminders, you'll stay up to date on your projects and on top of your PrimeTime meetings. You can even have Taz, Cliq's chatbot, remind you right from your chat!

Do more with Cliq.

At the end of the day, Cliq doesn't connect devices—it connects people. Whether you work remotely or not, Cliq provides the tools to improve the productivity of all workplaces, big and small.     

Check us out now!


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