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Office inside cliq
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Bring your office into Cliq

Working remotely shouldn't take away all the little quirks you enjoy about working in the office. From getting into work and greeting your co-workers, to being able to easily check if someone is available for a discussion and taking a quick coffee break together, Cliq's Remote Work makes sure you don't miss out on the little things.

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Team up to embrace remote

Whether you're a remote-first team or embracing remote for the first time ever, we know working from home works differently for different people. It's important to accommodate everyone's needs and give your team a sense of working together!

  • Sign in for the day
  • Look around
  • Go live
  • Meet and discuss
  • Take coffee breaks
  • Track work hours
Sign in for the day
remote-work-tracking remote-work-tracking remote-work-tracking remote-work-tracking

Set up your workspace, and check in

Check in and out of work, just like swiping an ID. There's no joy like working from a comfortable setup you can call your workspace!

Look around
remote-collaboration-availability remote-collaboration-availability remote-collaboration-availability remote-collaboration-availability

See who's already at work or in a meeting

Get a good view of who's available, away, or currently in a meeting. Cliq's Remote Work allows you to filter through different departments to check if your coworker is available before you send them a message.

Go Live
remote-work-tools-go-live remote-work-tools-go-live

Know what someone is up to

Enable live feed to show your presence. Look up what your teammate is doing before you touch base.

Meet and discuss
collaborative-remote-work-group-call collaborative-remote-work-group-call collaborative-remote-work-group-call

Hop on a group call

Jump into a quick group call to brainstorm and float ideas. Ring everyone at once so you don't have to be there waiting for them to join.

Take coffee breaks
remote-team-management-tools-update-status remote-team-management-tools-update-status remote-team-management-tools-update-status remote-team-management-tools-update-status remote-team-management-tools-update-status

Update your status and unplug

Want to take a quick coffee break? Or don't want to be bombarded with messages and calls while working on something? Let your team know your whereabouts and what you're up to by setting remote work statuses.

Track work hours
Track work hours Track work hours Track work hours Track work hours

Measure your team's productivity

Use the Remote Work dashboard to keep track of your team's average work hours. As a leader, you can plan goal-oriented rewards for when output exceeds expectations.

customer testimonial

We're always looking for new ways to automate routine, time-consuming tasks, and with Cliq, this became possible.
- Karthee, Founder, Team Everest

Remote Working with Cliq — Spotlight

Zoho Cliq is a team chat software, built to connect you with your team, no matter where you are.

  • Communicate in real time
  • Teamwork in channels
  • Meet your team on group audio or video calls
  • Broadcast company-wide announcements
  • Sync your calendar events
  • Follow up on tasks with reminders
  • Build custom bot assistants
  • Automate your workflows
  • Take action on messages

Frequently asked questions

What is a remote work collaboration software?

A remote work collaboration software helps teams connect across locations and get work done without the need for being at office.

What is the importance of remote work tools?

Remote work tools come in handy for remote-working and hybrid teams. These tools help in bridging the communication gap, bring teams together to work on common goals through online meetings, chats, project management, and file sharing.

How to choose the right remote work collaboration software for your team?

Any remote collaboration software should support virtual one-on-one calls, conferences, chat, file sharing and task management. These are the basics required for collaboration. Apart from this, evaluate the requirements of your team and opt for a remote work collaboration tool that fits within your budget and also helps communicate effectively.

Why is Zoho Cliq one of the best remote work tools?

With Zoho Cliq, remote working teams can communicate through chat, calls, meetings, send voice and video messages, share files, assign tasks, take down notes, manage their schedule with the built-in calendar and do a lot more. This makes it a must-have remote work tool for businesses.

What are some of the key features of Zoho Cliq's Remote Work module?

Zoho Cliq's remote work module gives you a bird's eye view of your team's availability. You can see who's at work, on leave, and busy with meetings. You will also be able to update your availability from the same window, start chats and calls with your teammates.