How chat bots can increase your workplace productivity

Chat bots are the future. With the ever-increasing need for effective communication, chat bots are here to transform how businesses function. From handling customer queries to automating workflows, they allow users to focus on things that matter.

Research indicates that over 50% of customer queries can be managed today via AI-based chat bots. Popular trends of chat bot use are gaining momentum across the globe.

The greater the task, the simpler it becomes.  

Some may still suggest that the chat bot experience feels cold and impersonal. Sometimes the conversation heads nowhere and intervention from humans is needed.

However, with advancements in technology, these chat bots can be trained in the fields that they serve. With machine learning and AI, the experience is modified, and the chat bots are capable of understanding the whole conversation and responding accordingly. These features are quite new, but they are gaining momentum.

Globally, the chat bot market has exploded since 2015, growing at 31 percent CAGR. One report estimates $11 billion in annual savings from chat bots, while another states that 80 percent of businesses are considering implementing them.

Let's take a look at five ways chat bots like Taz, Zia (Zoho's Intelligent Assistant) which comes with Zoho Cliq or custom bots built on the Zoho Cliq platform, can help your workplace productivity.

1. Enriching the CRM experience

Customer relationship is the key to organization growth. AI-enabled chat bots can take Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to a greater level by fostering more effective business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships.

The @Zoho CRM Bot tightly integrated with Zia, can schedule client visits, notify of reminders, predict the possible outcome of sales activity by analyzing CRM data, tell the best time to contact clients, calculate revenue, and—most importantly—save the user energy.

Chat bots can help you automate, innovate, and create.

2. AI has your back!

Kindness goes a long way. It may be a simple act of kindness that makes a mark in a relationship, so if a chat bot can help you help others, wouldn't that be great? Say you're getting into your car to leave the office and you notice a car parked next to you has a flat tire. Instead of simply feeling sorry for your co-worker, you can use a chat bot to give them a heads-up.

For example, with Cliq, employee details can be uploaded into the interface and retrieved easily. Just entering the vehicle ID will pull up whose car it is (assuming it's a co-worker and your employer has permission to make their info available to other co-workers) so you can initiate a conversation with the person right away.

3. Discover the best time to travel

Trying to figure out the right time travel to or from the office? Integrate your chatbot with popular apps like Google Maps, so when you're leaving the office, you can just ask the bot for traffic details, and it can pull them up without you having to exit the chat app.

4. Onboard new employees

Onboarding is always fun. New employees—with their enthusiasm and energy—will naturally want to explore the company and find out more details like lunchtime, the company shuttle schedule, emergency contact details, mailroom contact, and more. And that's precisely where the HR chat bots come into play.

These bots can help orient new trainees on company processes. They can ask the bot questions while you focus on more important things. Since machine learning makes the bots more capable of understanding the conversation, their questions will actually help the bot grow as well.

Get ready to be surprised at the bot's ability to evolve and help!

5. Track and submit expenses

Going on business trips is a great way to increase collaboration and expand horizons. You meet new people, eat new dishes, and check out the sights. But it also means your bills start piling up.

Bots can help you document all of your expenses. You can travel around the world and upload all your bills into the chat bot interface. This gives you a quick and safe way to track your receipts. Once you're back, you can easily submit the reports using the bot and get reimbursement. Easy, right?

The @Zoho Expense Bot make sure you enjoy business trips. Bon Voyage!

If you've been holding off on using AI-powered chat bots, the time has come to implement them in your workflow to aid the work done by humans, allowing your business to be more productive and constantly ahead of the game.


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