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Any business purchasing software aims to make the product its own and personalize it according to their needs. The versatility of a product to accommodate the needs of a business speaks volumes about the quality of the product as a whole. Because every business operates differently, customization has become one of the most sought-after requirements during software purchases. Most cloud software comes with several customizations to cater to the needs of a growing business. 

At Zoho Cliq, we understand that businesses communicate depending on the work model they are currently operating on—hybrid, remote, or in-office. Zoho Cliq was built to fulfill the communication and collaboration needs of any business—whether it's small, medium, or an enterprise, and also to suit organizations across different industries, such as IT, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and more. 

We've also introduced multiple levels of customizations. Now let's delve into the customization options available in Zoho Cliq and how you can make the best use of these features. 

Add your brand assets and set a theme 

What's more "you" than adding your company logo, favicon, and a personalized theme that resonates with your organization? You can do all this in Zoho Cliq from the admin panel.


Use your own domain 

Most businesses like to operate on their own domain when purchasing software. Cliq provides you with the option to use a custom domain, which you can use to access Cliq instead of the default URL. 


Create a custom email address for notifications 

Event and other email notifications sent from Cliq have a system-generated email address: If you'd like a personalized approach, you can configure a custom email address for the notifications sent to your organization. 


Customize modules based on your requirements 

Zoho Cliq provides all of the necessary communication tools for seamless collaboration. If you feel the need to restrict your organization users from accessing a particular feature or a module, you can disable it or set limits from the admin panel. 


Personalize your navigation sidebar 

The navigation sidebar is the go-to area that provides access to all of the modules in Cliq. You can customize the modules available in the navigation sidebar based on your needs. Admins can restrict this customization on an organization level, or provide users access to customize the navigation sidebar for their respective accounts. 


Create custom user fields 

When onboarding users into their Cliq organization, admins might require specific fields that aren't available in the default fields. We've made it flexible for organizations to add custom fields to user profiles while adding users to Zoho Cliq. 


Tailor the user profile layout

Choose what fields you want displayed in the user profile layout, and get quick info of users by hovering over their profile. You can hide fields or delete them from the view based on your preference. 


Configure your own quick-action menu on mobile

Keep your go-to apps in Cliq easily accessible by adding it to your quick-action menu at the bottom of your Cliq app. You can also rearrange the order of the apps from the “edit navigation” section. 


Enjoy custom emojis and stickers 

Are you bored of default emojis and stickers? It's time to unleash your creativity. Design unique emojis and stickers that reflect the spirit of your organization. Users can also add custom emojis and stickers that can be monitored and restricted by admins.


Assign permissions based on roles 

An organization often comprises people spread across different job levels, and each level requires a distinct set of permissions based on the role's importance. To help organizations protect their data and exercise a higher level of security and privacy, Cliq has the option to create different roles and assign permissions based on the role. For example, a C-level executive onboarded in Cliq will have a higher level of permission compared to a team lead or a new entrant. 


Build your own apps 

How cool is it to construct applications based on your needs and deploy them for daily use? With Cliq's developer platform and its components, you can build standalone apps that cater to the needs of your organization, or develop custom integrations to bring data from an external app directly inside Zoho Cliq. 

Apart from these standard customization options available in Cliq, we also listen to what our customers want. If you have a specific requirement from us, please write to us at and we'll be happy to assist you.


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