Choosing the right UCaaS provider

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) has become central to efficient, collaborative technology. In the journey towards seamless business processes, UCaaS is what keeps the wheels turning. It is an economical, time-saving solution that effectively reduces the strain on a company's workforce. These established benefits have sparked recent UCaaS growth and set companies on the path to find the ideal UCaaS provider.

Depending on the nature of their work, companies have different requirements for their UCaaS provider. These requirements vary based on factors like the number of employees in the company and the company's industry.

For example, a retail company could require call center and communication-integrated project management features that support their customer care activities. On the other hand, a health care provider could require real-time communication and collaboration functions with robust security features.

There are some key considerations to look out for when opting for a UCaaS provider. These considerations are vital to ensure a smooth experience and to avoid the pitfalls of switching to a different provider if the shoe does not fit.

1. Scalability

Good technology grows with a company. Digital transformation has encouraged companies to grow at unprecedented rates. Often, companies cannot predict this growth rate and should be prepared with technology that can keep up. A UCaaS solution should adapt to a company's growth without putting strain on the IT department. For example, suppose a start up has just acquired its second round of funding and plans to expand the team. In that case, the company's UCaaS solution should be able to accommodate the influx of new employees in minutes without putting pressure on the team.

2. Security and privacy

In this age of digital transformation, protecting your data is crucial. A UCaaS provider should be able to meet your data privacy needs. The key to this is data encryption, which ensures your company's data remains secure. Your UCaaS provider should also be able to protect your data from third-party attacks through strong privacy policies, role-based security, and access control.

3. Compliance

Data privacy and security can also be monitored by ensuring that the UCaaS provider you consider is privacy compliant. The compliance guidelines they must follow play into how your company's data is handled. The most important factor to look out for is GDPR compliance. Other factors include BSI guidelines for Information Security Management, Security Controls for Cloud Services, HIPAA compliance, and AICPA SOC. It is also beneficial to understand if your provider adheres to region-specific data protection acts. This ensures that your data is in good hands.

4. Customer support

An important consideration when it comes to picking a provider is how available they are to customers. Their ability to offer timely support and address customer concerns is crucial. Proper support will help you keep your business processes running smoothly.

5. Credibility

When you're considering a UCaaS provider, a long-standing positive reputation in the industry adds excellent value. A provider known to be reliable in terms of service delivery and data protection is ideal. This credibility is built on years of positive customer interactions and ensures that you'll experience close to no downtime when working with the provider.

6. Cutting-edge offerings

It is critical to evaluate whether your UCaaS provider keeps up with market trends and spends time on research and development. This dedication results in more effective features that make your processes as efficient as possible. The importance of staying ahead of the curve is especially relevant now when hybrid work models are more prevalent.

7. Integrations

An effective UCaaS solution should allow you to integrate with any required third-party software. This ensures that your chosen solution blends seamlessly into your company's existing ecosystem. The provider should also have the necessary resources to support your team in implementing your required integrations.

Narrowing your search

By keeping all the aforementioned factors in mind, you'll be well on your way to discovering the most appropriate UCaaS solution for your needs. Zoho Cliq is one such solution that ticks all the above boxes and more. Plus, it offers you the ability to tailor specific functionalities to fit your company's needs. The goal is simple: help you communicate seamlessly so you can focus on what you do best.


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