Why small businesses should use email marketing

One of the most common challenges small business owners face is driving sales with a limited marketing budget. Though increasing the visibility of your business is pivotal, it’s difficult to invest heavily in marketing at the nascent stage. And it becomes even more difficult if you’re unable to properly track your ROI on marketing.

This is where email marketing could come in handy. It’s simple, proven, and budget-friendly. But is affordability the only reason small businesses should consider using email marketing? Our answer is a resounding NO. Let’s look at some of the other reasons email is a great marketing solution for your company.

 Save considerable time and effort  

As a small business owner, you wear many hats and have to manage your time carefully, especially during the early days. How well you accomplish this goes a long way in determining your business’ success. And if you’re hard-pressed for time, unable to focus on marketing, your bottom line takes a beating.

Email marketing can help you breathe easy with its simplicity and time-saving facets. Considering how user-friendly email marketing tools are, you can get started easily, even with very little expertise. Craft compelling content, pick the right template, and merge them both together, and you’re ready to go.

With automation also booming big time, you can send targeted and relevant emails to your audience to help drive sales. For example, schedule different follow-up emails to your contacts based on various actions like open, link clicks, and more. Once your contacts meet a trigger condition you set, an email will automatically be sent to them. Put simply, just define a process and watch automation take care of the rest.

Streamline your sales process 

What hurts more than not being able to find leads for your business? It’s having leads but failing to nurture and convert them. If you’re experiencing this problem, email marketing could be the missing link that you’ve needed.

Emails help you maintain meaningful and relevant communication with your leads until they’re sales-ready. For example, if you run an e-commerce business, you can try showcasing the USPs of a product along with reviews and ratings to shoppers who abandoned their carts at checkout, say, one to two days after their exploration. As a next step, you can try sending coupons. This way, you’ll be able to nurture your leads at regular intervals.

Additionally, email marketing is highly measurable and lets you easily track the behavior of your recipients. The cues you get from your email campaign results could even lay a solid foundation for a sales call.

 Build a strong customer relationship 

When you’re trying to find your feet in the business world, the worst thing you can do is bombard your audience with too many ads. Creating a personalized, one-on-one experience is the best way to win your audience’s interest. And email, by its very essence, helps you do that.

With an email marketing software solution, you can:

1. Greet contacts using their first name

2. Send automated birthday, anniversary, and holiday wishes and more

3. Segment your audience based on their information and send targeted emails using dynamic content

 Promote your business content 

Emails can act as an ideal launchpad for your content marketing activities. For example, let’s say you’ve published a blog and it isn’t garnering enough attention; email newsletters can offer the initial push that your content needs. An effective subject line, attractive email template, and relevant content is all it takes to send out a newsletter. Even better, if your blog strikes the right chord with your audience, they might even share it across platforms.

 Expand your contacts list 

For any business, expanding their network holds the key for progress. Email marketing not only helps you do that but also helps you capture genuinely interested contacts. How? It can be done through the sign-up forms your email marketing software generates. Once placed in your website or other platforms, your visitors use the sign-up form to express their consent to receive newsletters and promotional emails.

So what are you waiting for? See how email marketing can meet your business needs by trying email marketing software today.




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