The all-new Zoho Campaigns app for Apple TV—because we believe in teamwork.

Your organization is ready to promote its new product scheme. However, pulling together an email marketing plan is a Herculean task for your marketing team.

To start with, you have a to-do list for your campaign process:

  1. Prepare a list of recipients (✓ )

  2. Create email content (✓ )

  3. Design a template (✓ )

Over the course of the next few weeks, your team successfully creates exceptional campaigns and sends them to your recipients.

But, now what? 

Now, you need to examine your team’s email marketing progress and determine your organization’s growth.

Therefore, the next step on your to-do list is:

4. Team Collaboration

Groundbreaking ideas often result from brainstorming sessions. When was the last time you came together as a group and discussed your email marketing performance? Once your marketing processes are done, it’s important to compile your organization’s campaign reports and analyze your improvement.

When your team is in line with organizational goals and periodically discusses campaigns’ performance, there’s a good chance that your email marketing strategy will improve.

Zoho Campaigns helps you seamlessly enhance your campaigning efforts and keep your team constantly informed about every progress.

ZohoCampaigns-Apple TV

Why Zoho Campaigns Apple TV app?

Creating email campaigns and sending them out to your target audience has become too mainstream. What matters now is if your marketing team has enough information to refine its strategy. This requires analyzing which campaigns have worked for you, how many of your recipients responded, what the highest open rate was, how many bounces occurred, and so on.

The new Zoho Campaigns Apple TV app makes workplace collaboration much easier. With this app, you can get all of the aforementioned information with detailed analytics, in one convenient place.

What do you get from the app?

1. Quick preview

Get an instant preview of your email campaigns with just a scroll. Suppose your organization has sent out five emails as a part of a new product promotion—preview of all of them in one place.


2. Detailed campaign reports

Get real-time analytics for every email campaign your team has sent. These include open and click rates, bounces, and spam complaints. Geo-location reports let you easily locate your active audience. You can even see how your campaigns have performed on social media platforms.



3. Split test campaigns

Know which version of your split campaign is winning and how many of your recipients have actively responded to it. You can also see how your campaign has resonated with your remaining audience by viewing the consolidated report that tracks open and click rates.


With the Zoho Campaigns Apple TV app, sending out campaigns and analyzing their performance as a team is no longer a tedious job. What’s more, the app is available in all of our supported languages!

Go ahead and try it for yourself, and then let us know if your workplace collaboration and email marketing efforts improved!



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