Introducing Zoho Campaigns' exclusive edition for marketing agencies

Zoho Campaigns for Marketing Agencies

As a digital marketer, you are well aware of the challenges of managing campaigns for multiple clients at once. Between planning content, designing templates, obtaining client approval, studying analytics, and keeping track of your credentials for every account, your job can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, Zoho Campaigns has been hard at work developing a solution.

Keeping the pain points of digital marketers in mind, Zoho Campaigns has launched an exclusive module for digital marketing agencies. Now, you can manage campaigns for all your clients from one place using a single login credential.

With Zoho Campaign’s Agency Edition, you can:

Easily alternate between accounts

Traditionally, a digital marketing agency has to sign up separately to manage each client’s email campaigns. With this edition in place, you only need one parent account. You can manage all your different clients from the Agency console, making this console your one-stop destination for adding, removing, managing, and sending campaigns on behalf of clients.

In the image, we have the dashboard of Zylker, a hypothetical digital marketing agency that manages three clients: Account A, Account B, and Account C. From the console, they can see each client’s details, including their subscriptions, active/inactive contacts, number of campaigns, and more.

Redistribute licenses among your clients

 The Zoho Campaigns Agency Edition enables digital marketing agencies to purchase licenses in bulk and then distribute them among clients, based on their needs. Take for instance Zylker, which can now purchase 10,000 licenses and distribute them accordingly between accounts A, B, and C.

In the past, Zylker had to purchase different plans for all three accounts, and keep track of limits and expiration dates for each one. If a client exceeded their limit, Zykler had to spend time contacting them to get the funds for more licenses approved.

With the Zoho Campaigns Agency Edition, you could skip this step with the option of reallocating licenses from one account to another. In the event of a client ending their relationship with your agency, their licenses can still be reallocated to your other clients.

Never stress about managing content

You surely know the feeling of being stretched too thin during peak advertising seasons. The holidays, for example, can be especially stressful with all your clients needing to launch campaigns around the same time. Even if their content is similar, many marketing tools require you to create a template from scratch for each individual client.

 With the Agency Edition, you can “push” a template to more than one client. Simply design a template in your parent account and save it in your Templates Library. Using the exclusive Push button, you can send the template to your desired clients.

Keep your clients in the loop, always

We have made it easier to get client approvals without back-and-forth emails. The module gives you the option to share the content you have created directly with your clients so they can give the final say.

 You can also add a user from the client’s team to this portal, so they can be updated about all developments regarding email marketing strategies.

Save time and energy

 This module has been specially designed to save digital marketing agencies effort, time, and money.

If you are a digital marketing agency and want to know more about how the Agency console works, click here.


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