Introducing enhancements in template editor and email deliverability

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After ten years of helping email marketers in their endeavors, we’ve finally ticked two crucial boxes. One focuses on the ease of campaign creation and the other aims to help email marketers achieve more email deliverability and gauge the causes of email bounces.

Right-to-left writing during campaign creation 

Email marketing, like other forms of marketing, relies on clear and simple messaging that helps the sender maximize interactions with specific recipients. With that in mind, we’ve included a new functionality in campaign creation: Every time you design a campaign, you can now choose the right-to-left script option.

Right-to-left script option in template editor

If you want to communicate with your clients in Hebrew or Arabic over email campaigns, all you have to do is select this option and choose a section of the template to place your message.

Custom return-path 

As an email marketing platform, we’re dedicated to improving email deliverability, as it greatly determines the success of an email campaign. This is why we are introducing custom return-path for our users. You can now either choose the default return-path that already exists or create a custom return-path.

Custom return path step 1

A custom return-path address is an SMTP address created under the same domain as the sender’s address. For example, if your sender ID is, then your SMTP address can be

By aligning this SMTP address with your sender’s domain, you actually complete the SPF alignment for your domain, a step that can’t be achieved with default return-path. This alignment is reflected in your DMARC policy, thus safeguarding the reputation of your domain and increasing your chances of landing in the recipients’ inboxes.

Custom return path step 2

As an email marketer, you’ve probably had concerns about bounced emails. The return-path fetches notifications that indicate the reasons behind email bounces. This enables senders to be more careful with list management and email sending out strategy.

Custom return path step 3

Your journey is our journey. Crossing the threshold into a new decade, we aim not only to help you in your email marketing efforts but to continue to improve them, with much more planned for the road ahead.





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