Email marketing automation strategies you must implement right away

Any marketing strategy is successful only when the message reaches the right audience at the right time. This means sending exclusive content to every member of your audience, many of whom might be in different stages of the sales cycle.

How does one do that with limited resources?

Experienced email marketers use email automation to send personalized emails, fast-tracking their marketing needs and, therefore, improving sales.

 If you’re yet to implement email marketing automation strategies, this blog is for you. We’re going to look at some different types of personalized emails you can easily automate.

Welcome emails

Pre-designed welcome email templates
Pre-designed templates for automated welcome emails

A welcome email is an important part of any email marketing strategy. It’s the email that’s sent when a new contact signs up for your product or email list.

 It usually includes a warm greeting and confirmation of subscription. Since this email is likely to mold your relationship with the contact, it’s crucial to set up a strong foundation by sending it without delay. Automating a welcome email workflow is the easiest solution. In this scenario, the email is triggered immediately after a contact signs up. A well-designed welcome series workflow will automate pre-defined follow-up emails based on the contact’s response.

Onboarding emails

Onboarding email workflow
Pre-designed workflow automated to send an onboarding email after the welcome email is sent.

A welcome email should always be followed by an onboarding email. Sometimes, email marketers include onboarding details in the welcome email, but that much information can be overwhelming for someone who is just getting to know your brand. It’s better to automate a series of emails that allow your new subscribers to learn more about your products or services.

Send reminders

Abandoned cart pre-designed template
Zoho Campaigns allows you to choose from the pre-designed templates gallery to remind your customers of their abandoned cart

As humans, we often tend to forget or leave a task for later. The job of a reminder email is to avoid missing a sale or a customer just because they forgot. Automating this process will ensure that your email marketing strategy is on-point as creating a series of email reminders in advance and scheduling them automatically can save any marketer a lot of time and effort.

 So what kind of reminder email should you automate?

 Abandoned shopping cart reminder

 When someone adds an item to their cart and leaves your site without paying for it, a trigger for a workflow is immediately set. This email series is designed to remind the person, at different stages, of their forgotten purchase and motivate them to complete the order.

(Note: Configuring a cart-abandonment reminder email series is only possible when your online store is tightly integrated with your email marketing platform.)

Product, service, or membership expiration notification

A prompt expiration reminder can make the membership experience effortless for your members by helping them avoid having to renew a lapsed membership. Automated renewal reminders must be sent days in advance of an expiration date. You can start sending reminder emails 30 days prior and continue to remind them at regular intervals—seven days, two days, or one day—before the expiration date.

Feedback or reviews reminder

A lot of us check reviews before making a purchase. It’s undoubtedly important to pay attention to what your customers have to say about you—good or bad. So, after the sale is done, it’s good to know whether they like the service or product that they’ve bought.

By collecting feedback with a product review email automation series, you’ll get valuable insights that’ll help you improve your business. A post-purchase feedback workflow can be used for this.

Nurture series

Automated nurture series
A detailed nurture series workflow to re-engage inactive customers

One of the main objectives of email marketing automation is to establish and nurture relationships—converting contacts to leads, leads to customers, and, eventually, customers to loyal customers.

Though there are various ways to create an email nurture sequence, the basis is always the same—to design the content based on the marketing or sales cycle they are in.  Thus, creating effective content and delivering them at the right time to the right customer effortlessly is important. Nurture series workflows are designed to do just that.

Also, the job of a nurture series is not just to focus on active customers, but also inactive ones. Email marketing automation can help you re-engage with past customers by automating a series of emails aimed at winning them back.

 The job of email automation is to make the marketing process simple. Zoho Campaigns have pre-designed workflow templates to help you with your automation needs.


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