Chapter 14 of Zoho Books: Joining Kenya's Growth Story

September 2022

Zoho Books Kenya, the 14th Edition, is now (A)LIVE, and we owe it to all the hands that played a part, big and small. Our biggest motivators? Businesses like yours. You inspire us to not only deliver solutions to solopreneurs but also handle complex financial challenges for SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises, and we simply aim to return the favor.

Launch of Zoho Books Kenya Blog

Given that the Kenyan market, along with its SMBs and SMEs, is undergoing a techno-economic transformation, it’s only fair that our beloved customer base in Kenya (currently using the Global Edition of Zoho Books) and other businesses looking into accounting solutions find their best fit and the right solution to keep them VAT compliant and ready for the upcoming TIMS regulation.

So what does Zoho Books bring to Kenya?

While envisioning the Kenya edition, we immediately pivoted towards studying the current tax climate and other in-demand requirements for businesses in Kenya. As a result, we can now say that Zoho Books is the complete accounting package that a Kenyan business needs.

To give you more insight, we sat down with the minds behind Zoho Books Kenya to hear what they had to say,

Zoho books Kenya launch blog questionnaire

“The Kenya edition of Zoho Books has been our team’s brainchild for the longest time. We strive to give our best to the business community across the globe and, now, become a part of Kenya’s growth journey. So, here’s our all-new powerful Zoho Books Kenya Edition, compatible with the market’s constantly evolving business trends and tax implementations. We’re now fully loaded to take on the KRA’s VAT and TIMS regulations. From the Zoho Finance ecosystem, we have our Zoho Inventory and Zoho Invoice here to join us on the mission of transforming businesses’ back-office operations. Together, we hope to bring a new perspective into how accounting is done and how it is done right!”

“Currently, the VAT 3 return process in Kenya is pretty complex. The taxpayer must submit up to 11 or 12 forms to the Kenyan Revenue Authority for filing. On top of this, e-invoicing is now made mandatory for businesses starting on 30 November 2022. Here’s where Zoho Books helps businesses ease the VAT return file generation process. We support the taxpayers by automatically generating all 12 sheets needed for filing. The e-invoicing (TIMS) feature allows taxpayers to push invoices to KRA without hassle. We aim to do all the heavy lifting and keep businesses compliant all year round.”

Zoho books Kenya launch blog questionnaire

“When we say Zoho Books is a complete package for VAT compliance, we mean it. The Kenya edition of Zoho Books handles VAT for all transactions with minimal configurations. Based on that, VAT is populated automatically for the product, eventually making the VAT transaction effortless. Additionally, users can view a summary of their VAT transactions, duplicating the official VAT 3 Return of KRA, which will ease the filing process.”

“Zoho Books Kenya is ready to ease all businesses’ accounting needs and processes. From generating e-slips to keep track of all your VAT payments on your imported services to seamlessly integrating with local payment gateways (like 2Checkout and PayPal), Zoho Books is geared up to be every Kenyan business’s go-to accounting solution.”

“Zoho Books comes with a little to no learning curve and offers features like e-invoicing, collaborative tools such as client and vendor portals, advanced inventory, analytics, and more, that are not easily found in other solutions. Zoho Books doesn’t stop there, it also acts as an anchor app to all of the other business lifeline apps housed within the Zoho Ecosystem. To top it off – all this is at affordable pricing. Also, our forever free plan comes with VAT tracking, e-invoicing, and the ability to generate VAT 3 returns for businesses with a turnover of less than 5 million KES. So, why not Zoho Books?”

Hopefully, the reassuring words of our team of experts answered some of your immediate questions.

Keep an eye out for two other giants from our Zoho Finance suite –Zoho Inventory and Zoho Invoice joining us in Kenya. Zoho Inventory to facilitate multichannel sales, manage your order-to-cash process, and raise VAT and TIMS-compliant invoices. And Zoho Invoice is a free, simple invoicing solution to customize and send professional-looking VAT and TIMS compliant invoices.

Do you have any further questions for our Zoho Books Kenya team? Feel free to ask away in the comments or write to us at or give us a ring on our toll-free: 0800601172 (Mon – Fri; 9:00 am to 7:00 pm)

As we take our next steps in Kenya, we can’t emphasize our gratitude to all of you. As a token of our gratitude, Kenyan businesses can now get Zoho Books subscription at 40% off – forever! Claim your offer before 31 March 2023.

Until then, our next chapter is being written in India for the rest of the world to read.


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