Import Bank Statements into Zoho Books in 3 Quick Steps

In our last post, we had announced feeds from more than 2000 banks in Zoho Books and we’ve been getting some great feedback from our customers. For those who still haven’t been able to enjoy the benefits of automatic bank feeds, you can still reduce data entry to a considerable extent by importing your bank statements directly into our accounting software.

All you have to do is ‘Select’, ‘Map’ and ‘Import.’
Import Bank Statements in accounting softwareSelect: Your first step, requires you to select the ‘statement’. Begin your journey by getting hold of an electronic format of your bank or credit card statement (CSV or TSV file) and feed it into Zoho Books. Choose your preferred amount column format, so your withdrawals and deposits may be arranged by Zoho Books in the right manner.

Map: Your next pit stop is the ‘Map Fields‘. Here you get to match the bank statement column headers to Zoho Books headers. If you plan to import statements frequently, then a quick tip to save time would be to click on ‘save your selection’ as shown in the image below. Next time you import, fields will be automatically mapped.


Save selection while mapping fields

Import: Your final step in this short journey ends with Zoho Books letting you know if the mission was accomplished, by giving you an import summary. Once you click the ‘Import’ button, all your transactions will be available in Zoho Book.

Take a look at out help document for more information on importing statements. This feature considerably reduces the time to reconcile your bank and credit card accounts. We hope you like it. Send us your feedback in the comment section below.


6 Replies to Import Bank Statements into Zoho Books in 3 Quick Steps

  1. Hi Rick,Valid point. Giving specific access to users for 'Banking' is something which will be useful. I've passed it on to the development folks and definitely update you when we have it on board.

  2. When is Books going to have user security? Especially with Bank Feeds.....
    How do I allow a Sales Person to create and Estimate and Invoice.....with out being to see my entire company's financial data?With out user security.....Zoho Books can only be used by the owners of a company or the accounting staff.Then who does the estimates and invoices?Have many customers waiting on this?

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