Collective Booking: For seamless panel meetings

Scheduling meetings and reminding everyone about their schedule can be tricky, especially for an entire team. With Collective Booking, it's a breeze. It allows invitees to pick a mutually convenient time slot from your team's pooled availability, so there's no need for pre-meeting coordination among the participants.

Key business use cases for the Collective Booking feature

1) Panel interviews become more productive

Panel interviews can be a hassle to schedule, since they involve coordinating the availability of multiple people. Collective Booking simplifies this process, making it easy for a panel of interviewers to meet with candidates. 

With a shareable booking link, candidates can easily check when the panel is available and pick a suitable interview slot without any back-and-forth emails. Plus, the Collective Booking feature automates multiple email reminders to candidates and panelists, ensuring that everyone shows up for the interview without any cancellations.

- Candidates self-schedule meetings with the panelists
- Automated communication and interview reminders are in place
- Better interview and candidate experience

2) Speeds up customer purchase decisions

Sales reps excel at finding opportunities, delivering the sales pitch, and handling customer inquiries. However, customers often want to see the product in action during the sales meetings, which can sometimes delay the sales process and lead to additional meetings with the product team.

With Collective Booking, the sales team can schedule meetings where customers meet both the sales and product teams simultaneously. This helps customers make quicker decisions and enables sales teams to close deals faster.

- Fewer meetings per sales cycle
- Quicker sales, more successful deals
- Reduced cost per meeting

3) Faster resolution of complex customer tickets

Sometimes, customers have tricky questions that require support from multiple teams. For example, if a customer submits a ticket involving both billing and technical issues, they would need help from someone in the account team and someone from the engineering team.

With Collective Booking, customers can easily schedule a meeting with all the respective team members in one go, rather than having to coordinate individually.

- Lower resolution time, higher productivity
- Collaborative troubleshooting on complex tickets
- Mitigates escalations

Improve teamwork and collaboration

The Collective Booking feature has a significant impact beyond just scheduling. It enables teams to improve efficiency and enhance user experiences. Explore how Collective Booking can aid you in handling appointments with your team and invitees.

Read more on how you can use Collective Booking for your business.

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