From home to any destination: How remote connectivity enhances work productivity

In recent years, businesses have adapted to the hybrid workforce model, where employees work both remotely and on-site. To facilitate collaboration between both remote and on-site teams, and to stay productive across the board, businesses need appropriate tools, methods, and workflows. In order to maintain a competitive edge, businesses must constantly test new strategies for optimizing and expediting processes. One popular approach to improving efficiency is using remote desktop software.

According to the findings of Brand Essence Research, the global remote software market is anticipated to increase with a CAGR of 13.3% by the year 2027. More and more businesses, especially in the manufacturing industry, have begun providing employees and technical support teams with assistance through remote access.

Here’s how remote desktop software helps improve efficiency in different industries:  


While companies have largely reopened their offices, many employees still prefer to work from home or another location of their choosing. This is especially common in the tech industry. With remote access to their corporate devices, employees can access files from anywhere and at any time, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.


Educators need a centralized and intuitive platform for engaging and interacting with students during class. Remote access software allows them to effortlessly access their institution's devices to share notes, teach students, and conduct or present research. When the curriculum is readily available, students are better prepared to handle complex course work.


Not all challenges in manufacturing are tied to heavy machinery. Most machines require minor fixes, such as a software upgrade or an adjustment to a single parameter. All of this can be done remotely, without the need for a technician to be physically present. If tech help is still required on-site, technicians can utilize augmented reality to examine the problem in real-time and provide guidance.


Using remote connectivity, auto mechanics can keep track of the status of your vehicle's systems. By keeping track of fuel, carbon dioxide emissions, and software status, your technician can replace or repair the necessary parts proactively. Using real-time audio and video sharing, passengers can stay informed of risks, and seek timely solutions.

Banking and financial:

Banks are using remote access software more and more to protect their online banking and ATM systems. With the help of a remote access software program, banks can update and protect their machines from a central location and from a single console. Since banking and financial institutions deal with sensitive information, it is important to choose secure remote desktop software that uses industry-standard SSL and 256-bit AES protocols.  


In the healthcare industry, doctors and nurses rely on specialized medical software systems run on high-tech equipment. This software helps them perform complex tasks, like analyzing blood and tissue samples. With remote access software, health care providers can connect with software on their corporate devices, access patient records,  and view radiology images in their EHR system from any location.

Remote connectivity also allows patients to view and update their details and insurance information in a provider's system, skipping all the paperwork. Teaching hospitals can make virtual learning more engaging for students by giving them the opportunities to watch real-time surgeries on their devices remotely.

Even though remote connections make businesses more efficient, accessing important information from home or a public place can introduce a number of security risks. You can be sure that your data is safe when you use Zoho Assist for remote connectivity. Zoho Assist has strict security measures to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive information.

Remote support is essential for businesses due to the way it promotes efficiency, saves time and resources, and increases production. Experience seamless remote connectivity with Zoho Assist.


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