New iOS update for Zoho Assist 


Always on the phone but not productive?

Have you ever wanted to do a simple action but had to go through a lot of steps that left you frustrated and wondering why you ever wanted to do so in the first place?

 It’s something most support technicians go through, and we end up wishing that there was an easier way.

Zoho Assist mobile app to the rescue

Zoho Assist enables you to connect and control a remote computer as if it’s right in front of you. It lets you handle any remote computer easily: any OS, any network—internal or external—even behind a proxy or a firewall.

What’s new?

We have an update for the iOS version which teams up with Siri to make actions in the app quicker and easier. Now you don’t even have to press a button or tap on any action. Just talk to Siri and get her to do the work for you.

There are multiple ways to simplify the actions you regularly do in the application. After all, everyone works a little differently. Choose which Siri shortcut you’d like to have on hand and customize according to your convenience.

There are also new options to simplify your tasks, for both remote support and unattended access. Your frequently used actions will show up automatically when you use your search bar, and you can search the spotlight to perform particular actions. Also, use the 3D touch to access home screen shortcuts and perform vital operations such as search, starting a session, scheduling a session, and connecting to recent computers.



With Siri shortcuts, you can set up a prompt word which you can then use to instruct Siri to perform an action. Easy and simple is the mantra.

3D Touch

Sometimes, talking to your phone is not what you prefer. Use 3D touch to access the shortcuts if that is more your style. Our team ensures that there are multiple ways to get your work done.


Use widgets to access your scheduled sessions in remote support and recent computers in Unattended Remote Access. Drag the widget you want to your screen and start using! It is as simple as that!

We have unravelled all that can happen in the latest version of Assist iOS mobile app. Now go ahead and experience the magic firsthand. And do not forget to tell us all about it!





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