Introducing Zoho Assist's new integration with Intercom

As a customer support technician, you're always on the lookout for the most effective and efficient support tools. Applications that integrate seamlessly with an organization's existing help desk can significantly improve the experience of both technicians and end users.

Over time, Zoho Assist has added various integrations to help you provide ideal remote support solutions. This includes our recent integration with Intercom. Now, you can initiate a quick remote support session and troubleshoot client devices from within your Intercom chats using Zoho Assist. Deliver seamless remote support with no prior software installation, and experience a unified platform for instantaneous communication and support.

Intercom: A quick overview

With robust messaging and dynamic automation, Intercom is revolutionizing the way organizations assist their consumers. Intercom's customer engagement software creates a direct line of communication through your app, website, or product so you can help customers anytime they need assistance—and it has a 92% average customer satisfaction rating.

Business needs 
Let's say you are communicating with a customer using Intercom and trying to resolve an issue on the client's end. Despite multiple instructions and back-and-forth conversations, troubleshooting is getting more difficult. This is where Zoho Assist comes in.

You can instantly initiate a remote support session from the chat section of Intercom. Simply direct your customers to join the session from the Admin's reply or by clicking the link in the email sent to their inbox. Once they have joined the session, you can remotely access your customer's device for troubleshooting.


With Zoho Assist, you can reduce response times and resolve issues quickly. This highly efficient remote desktop software helps you handle all client questions and provide seamless conversational support.

Getting started with Intercom

Follow these steps to get the most out of our integration with Intercom:

To enable the Intercom integration with Zoho Assist, the Super Admin or Admins must log into and add Intercom Admins to the Zoho Assist organization.

To access Zoho Assist from Intercom, log into your Intercom account and go to Settings > App Store to search for and install Zoho Assist from the Intercom Marketplace. To finish the integration, click Install.

Here's a step-by-step guide to enabling the Intercom integration.

Overall, the integration between Zoho Assist and Intercom is designed to make the support process faster, more efficient, and more personalized for businesses and their customers. Get access to all Zoho Assist's features through Intercom, Once integrated, they act as one app.


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