How remote desktop software empowers schools to deliver exceptional education experiences

Over the years, the educational system has undergone several transformations. The majority of us grew up in classrooms where teachers delivered lectures, demonstrated concepts, and encouraged student participation through hands-on experiments. Many traditional educators may be taken aback by the recent changes in the education business. With the advent of online learning, education is now accessible to people of all ages. Students who wish to work, or are unable to attend conventional classrooms, can now continue their schooling.

Remote desktop software makes online education an effective alternative to the traditional classroom. Let's see why remote access is a powerful tool for both students and teachers.

Continuing education in the event of emergency

By allowing remote access to labs on campus outside standard lab hours, schools can obtain more returns on their initial investments in the equipment. Schools can also convert laboratories to hybrid labs by enabling remote access, which eliminates the need to purchase new computers and software.

Helps students realize their academic potential

Unfortunately, not every student has access to sophisticated computers and licensed software packages, though these may be imperative for their course work. In these cases, remote education or online learning will not be effective. Using remote access to devices on campus, students and teachers can access any classroom device as if they were in the classroom. Having access to a machine on campus whenever they need it can help students perform better.

Promotes intellectual equality among students

Students who can't physically be in a classroom shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to study. By having remote access to labs 24/7, students can choose when, where, how, and how fast they learn.

Prepares institutions for the "what if's"

With the help of remote access technology, schools can be ready for unforeseen situations. Some of these situations could include a lot of snowfall, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Remote access allows schools to switch from physical classrooms to virtual classrooms with ease. With remote access tools, students and teachers can use necessary on-site computers and software from the comfort of their own homes.

Facilitates efficient IT support

IT professionals have the daunting task of ensuring lab computers are up to date, and providing technical support to students and teachers in various locations. That means supporting a wide range of devices to manage a large number of requests each day. With remote connectivity, IT support teams can remotely access a system to diagnose and fix problems immediately, boosting efficiency for everyone concerned.

Efficient remote access features for educational institutions 

Educational institutions require a robust and user-friendly remote access solution in order to reap the benefits of remote and hybrid learning. Finding the best remote desktop solution for schools is critical to ensuring a smooth transition. Here are some features to look for when purchasing remote desktop software for educational institutions:

1. Virtual annotation

When giving a presentation or conducting a training session, a virtual whiteboard is an essential feature that helps you annotate your remote screen. You should be able to draw, type, highlight, and insert shapes on a remote desktop.  

2. Instant screen capture

Take a screenshot in real time during a remote training session or demonstration using quick tools. With only one click, you should be able to capture all the necessary data.

3. Audio and video chat

During a session, students and professors should be able to communicate by voice and video. Call your teacher or a student right away if you need clarification.

4. Two-way screen sharing

The screen sharing feature helps teachers and students interact and engage with their audiences. Online meetings, remote lectures, and training and demos are seamless with screen sharing. It is easy to plan and schedule sessions from anywhere at any time.

5. File transfer

Teachers should be able to transfer class notes, study materials, or test questionnaires to students through a secure remote session.

Why Zoho Assist is the preferred remote access solution for educational institutions

Zoho Assist provides remote access solutions that are customized to the needs of educational institutions. It's much more efficient than a VPN or other remote access solution. With Zoho Assist, you get:

  • Strong security features that keep your network and data safe.

  • A user-friendly platform that is simple for IT support to quickly deploy. Teachers and students can use it right away, because there is no steep learning curve or difficult set-up process.

  • A comprehensive system for remote access to labs, and remote assistance for instructors and students.

  • The ability to perform complex tasks at low latency using Zoho Assist sessions for coding, visual designing, creating videos, 3D drawings, and more.

  • Efficient, reliable, and effective customer support.

Get in touch with us to find out more, or begin your risk-free trial right away.


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