Zoho Analytics: Create Reports Over Multiple Tables Using Auto-join

With a powerful reporting tool like Zoho Analytics, you can create a variety of reports including charts, pivot tables, dashboards, query/summary tables etc. Till recently, all such reports were created over only one table i.e., the columns you used for a report should belong to the same table. If the columns spanned across tables, you had to create a Query Table first and then create reports over it. Not anymore.

With the new Auto-join feature, you can now create reports easily using columns from multiple tables, in much the same way as you create reports over a single table. For the Auto-join feature to work, the tables are to be related using the Lookup column
feature available in Zoho Analytics. When you create a new report selecting any of the tables with a lookup relationship defined, columns from all related tables will be listed under the Columns List panel in the report designer. You can drag and drop columns from across tables, to create your reports.

Consider this scenario. An Employee table containing the Employee IDEmployee Name Department. And another table Salary Details containing the salary info. These two tables will be linked by the Employee ID.

Let’s say you want a report on employee salaries based on departments or number of years of experience. With the newly introduced Auto-join feature, you can easily create such a report, spanning columns from both the tables.

The below video shows how a report is created using the auto-join feature.

Hope you like this new Auto-join feature. Try this feature in Zoho Analytics now.


4 Replies to Zoho Analytics: Create Reports Over Multiple Tables Using Auto-join

  1. Arvind, Hi I have a query table with 3 levels of query tables, and Zoho Analytics do not allow me, is there a way to resolve a graph I need in 3 levels to be resolved? Info will be appreciated. thanks,

    1. Hi Arturo, Zoho Analytics, as you said, supports 3 levels of query tables. If you want a fourth level, your query execution time is going to take a hit, and the reports built on top of this query may time out sometimes. Please write to suppprt@zohoreports.com. Our tech support team may be able to help you by optimising your queries. Alternatively, they may enable a fourth level sub-query configuration for your account as an exception.

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