User Filters in Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics has had design mode filters from the beginning. And we have had some dynamic filtering capability in the form of legend filtering. We have further enhanced this dynamic filtering capability now through the introduction of User Filters.

Say, you have sales data spanning across years and you want to create a report for monthly sales in 2009 alone. You can plot monthly sales against months and define a design mode filter for the year 2009. But what if you want to build more flexibility to the report and would like to have the report’s users (viewers) choose any particular year’s sales to be viewed? Or for that matter choose the region, product category. This exactly is what is achieved with the newly introduced User Filters.

The embedded report below contains user filters for year, product category & region.

How To Create User Filters

The slide show below shows how to create and edit user filters for a typical sales report.

We now support text and date values in user filters. We will soon be extending this support to numerical values. Hope you like this newly introduced feature. Try the new User Filters in Zoho Analytics now. Your feedback comments are most welcome.

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