Customer Spotlight: Sugarfina improves operational efficiency using Zoho Analytics

Founded in 2012, Sugarfina is a mid-sized luxury candy boutique headquartered in California, US. They own and operate 52 retail stores across North America that produce and sell gourmet chocolates, caramels, gummies, malt balls, and licorice candies.

Sugarfina and Zoho Analytics:

Sugarfina was churning out large amounts of data from their supply chain and customer channels. Stored in multiple apps and databases, analyzing this data was fast becoming a challenge for them.

They were looking for a BI solution that can import data from multiple sources and blend it, then create insightful dashboards, at the best cost possible.

Zoho Analytics is the only product with the right mix of cost and value—with features like data visualization, integration, data blending, collaboration, user filters, drag and drop, geomaps, and much more at an affordable price“.

– Ben Smith, advisor and former COO of Sugarfina

With Zoho Analytics, Sugarfina was able to visualize their production efficiency, costs, and seasonal trends, all within minutes, resulting in an increase of 50% to their operation team’s efficiency.

 Key Benefits for Sugarfina:

  • Operation team’s efficiency increased by 50%

  • Reduction in manual effort spent analyzing data

  • Insights made it easy for department leaders to identify and focus on areas that needed attention

  • Overall reduction in costs across company

Read the full case studywhere Sugarfina shares how they improved their operational efficiency with Zoho Analytics.

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