Customer Spotlight: Grupo Bons boosts business efficiency with Zoho Analytics


Grupo Bons is a Mexican brand of hotels with three lines of business—hotels, restaurants, and event services—with 100+ people employed across multiple locations in Central Mexico. The company has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality business and has conducted many important social and business events over the years.

Grupo Bons and Zoho Analytics:

The company needed to track the performance of every facet of its hospitality business. They wanted to identify seasonal trends to price their event venues and rooms. The team also wanted to determine the ROI of their Ad campaigns and increase the occupancy rate of their hotels.

They had their financial data in Zoho Books, customer data in Mongo DB, and social media promotions running on Facebook. A big challenge for Grupo Bons was to blend data from the three sources and gain insight from it. They needed an overall picture that would show the performance of all their businesses and help them charter the next set of strategies for their company.

Earlier, they were using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, but they required continuous manual intervention and it got very complex when it came to analyzing multiple data sets together.

Grupo Bons considered Zoho Analytics an ideal solution, as they were using Zoho Books already.

I was amazed by Zoho Analytics’ potential. It is my go-to tool when it comes to analytics. We analyze our overall P&L results, occupancy rates of hotels, project future events, develop key KPIs, and monitor them all daily. We are now backed with lots of valuable insights to define our future strategy.

 — Gabriel Vázquez, Managing Director, Grupo Bons

The integration between the two was quick and seamless, with built-in connectors and auto-blending options. They also blended data from Mongo DB and their Facebook Pages into Zoho Analytics, enabling unified business analytics.

Key benefits and results:

  • 30% reduction in the cost of sales

  • 10% increase in ad conversion

  • Enabled future strategic planning for business

  • Enabled end-to-end customer insights

Read the full case study, where Grupo Bons shares how they reduced their cost of sales by 30% with Zoho Analytics.


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