Customer spotlight: Norman Australia saves substantial time and money using Zoho Analytics

With almost half a century of experience crafting fine window furnishings, Norman’s quality has made it famous. Norman Australia is also home to the world's best-selling shutter. It is a subsidiary of Nien Made, one of the largest manufacturers of window coverings, based in Taiwan with 11,000 employees. Nien Made's production bases are primarily located in China and Cambodia, and the headquarters is located in Taichung, Taiwan.

Norman Australia and Zoho Analytics

Norman manages sales and marketing in Australia, and has about 500 retailers around the country. The company uses multiple apps like CRM, financing software (Xero), Aircall, and an in-house company app. Their main objective is to categorize sales data by retail partners and state. As the number of retailers grew, blending the data from all of their sources became increasingly strenuous.

Being a Zoho One customer, their search for a BI tool brought them to Zoho Analytics. They were impressed by its capabilities to integrate data from different sources.

 "Zoho Analytics has saved us thousands of hours per year, as we no longer have to spend time making manual reports through Excel. It has also saved us thousands of dollars, as it has extended our current software reporting capabilities without us having to make any further investments into our current software, such as Xero and Aircall." 

- Giorgia English, Business Analyst & CRM Specialist, Norman

With Zoho Analytics, Norman Australia was able to do:

  • Order vs. budget analytics to analyze actual orders against forecasted orders.

  • KPI analytics to track and analyze the effectiveness of certain sales activities to optimize sales performance.

  • Sales analytics to help business development managers breakdown sales by customers and products, analyze sales leads, and more.

The key benefit that Norman experienced using Zoho Analytics is it saved thousands of manual hours per year creating reports. It saved them thousands of dollars, too, as it enabled unified business analytics, pulling data from multiple apps without requiring any further investments in other apps.

Key benefits of Zoho Analytics for NORMAN Australia are:

  • Norman saved thousands of hours per year using Zoho Analytics.

  • Saved thousands of dollars through unified business analytics.

  • Creates insightful reports and dashboards.

  • Seamless sharing of dashboards and reports.

Read the full case study to find out about all the ways Zoho Analytics helped NORMAN  Australia benefitted from Zoho Analytics.


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