Automated Analytics in Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics has recently introduced a new and very easy way of report generation with its Automated Analytics feature. With Automated Analytics, Zoho Analytics applies an advanced rules engine to scan your data and based on pre-defined rules, generates reports automatically, which could be customized later. Auto-generation of reports drastically reduces the time spent by you on manual report generation and analysis.

You can auto-generate reports either for the entire table (which contains your data) or on specific columns in the table. Auto-generation of reports for the entire table can be triggered when you import data into the table from either of CSV, XLS, TSV or HTML files. It just takes a couple of steps to auto-generate the reports:

1. Import the data from csv, xls, tsv file or copy-paste the data from csv, tsv or HTML
2. Once the data gets imported successfully, you will get a prompt of whether you would like to see Zoho Analytics auto-generate the reports for you.
3. Clicking on Yes will generate multiple reports neatly grouped inside folder(s). The reports are a mix of visual charts & pivot tables (also called matrix view or cross tabs)

Now, those are the default reports produced. You can also get more auto-generated reports based on any column. Choose any column, right-click on it & choose the Analyze Column option. You will get the reports that are arranged in a new folder.

If you are interested in knowing more about how Zoho Analytics, the Online Reporting, and Business Intelligence Service can help you bring more clarity to your business, contact us for a personalized demo.

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