Analyzing Google Ad Groups Performance with Zoho Analytics

In the last post, we saw how Zoho Analytics helps in providing a more comprehensive analysis of your Google Adwords campaigns than what’s provided by Google Adwords in the form of reports. In this post, we’ll see how to use Zoho Analytics to analyze the performance of your various Ad Groups within a campaign. Our featured example is for a Mountain Bikes campaign which is having 4 Ad Groups –
Adult Bikes, Kids Bikes, Athletic Bikes and a Common Keywords Ad Group.

The below report shows how the CTR has varied for the different Ad Groups over the months.

To get a more recent analysis, the time period can be changed to see how the CTR has varied over the last month alone.

Pivot tables can be made too. The below pivot lists the monthly conversions for all Ad Groups since Jan 2007.

You can also analyze how the various parameters within an Ad Group has performed. For example, you can compare the number of conversions vs the number of clicks.

A scatter plot can be plotted to see which Ad Group is more effective, say in terms of conversions for the ad impressions got.

The above are just a few report samples. The whole set of data and reports are available at And this set of Ad Groups-level reports are readily available for your Google Adwords analysis too. All you have to do is to follow the easy steps as mentioned in this page and you can have the same reports as above for your Google Adwords account as well.

It is easy and powerful to analyze your Google Adwords Campaigns and Ad Groups (you can analyze for ads etc too) by importing the csv data files provided by Google Adwords into Zoho Analytics. As said in our earlier post, we are working on a Google Adwords connector which will let you do this more readily. Stay tuned.


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