The biggest source of revenue for an event comes during the registration process. Driving registration or increasing the ticket price is an obvious way to maximize your event ROI; however, another way of doing it is by simply cutting down costs.

With this in mind, Zoho Backstage has introduced a ticketing system that reduces the complexity of the registration process, expands your audience, and gives you a bigger chunk of the money you make—in fact, you keep all of it. Here’s how…

0% commission. 100% profit.
All of the ticket money goes into your pocket. Too good to be true? Not any more thanks to Zoho Backstage. There’s no commission on tickets sold (when you choose the Enterprise Plan). You keep everything you’ve earned.

Instant payouts. No waiting time.
Waiting for event money to pay your suppliers? Get payments made directly to your bank account when a sale is made. We don’t hold back your money, which means you get complete control over it right away.

Sell tickets in more regions
We’ve opened up commission-free ticketing in select countries, including the US, Canada, UK, India, and Australia. We also offer a global edition that includes the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Mexico. We’re working on expanding this to more regions.

Use your favorite payment gateway
Receive payment through your preferred payment gateways. Zoho Backstage lets you set up payments using Stripe,, PayPal, and RazorPay.

Promotional offers to jumpstart sales
Boost your sales by setting up a variety of promotional discounts. For example, you could create an Early Bird offer or run offers to focus on moving tickets that are low-performing.

Make the smart choice and use Zoho Backstage to run your events.

 Zoho Backstage is an event management platform that empowers event planners to efficiently run conferences, product launches, large meetings, and more.

If you wish to use Zoho Backstage ticketing for your event but don’t find us in your region, drop a line in the comments below. For more questions and suggestions, email us at

Veena Thangavel
Product Marketer

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