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Features that make your billing seamless

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Product Catalog

Perfect your product catalog

With Zoho Billing, get a clean and scalable product catalog that paves way for rapid market expansion and sustainable growth.
Explore product catalog management 
Product catalog
Streamline diverse product offerings

Be it stand-alone items or a combination of products or services mix of products, Zoho Billing's product catalog makes it simple to create, update, modify, and manage multiple products all under one roof.

Unlock new revenue possibilities

Test your curated plans with various pricing models like flat, volume, and tiered strategies to optimize your revenue potential.

Check out pricing models 
Change prices without losing demand

Declutter your product catalog and do pricing experiments. With price lists, set custom rates for specific customers or items, adjusting prices up or down.

Manage discounts

Create one-time, unlimited, or time-defined coupons. Entice prospects with percentage or flat discounts and tailor them to specific products or add-ons. Set coupon validity and redemption limits based on your needs.

BillingEnhance your billing experience
Zoho Billing combines invoicing, expense management, project billing, and recurring billing - all in one place, handling all the heavy lifting for you.
Transform your billing experience 
Billing Experience
Advanced invoicing made easy

Experience automated invoice creation with precise tax calculations, and custom branding, invoice consolidation, while catering to global markets with multi-currency support and multilingual invoicing.

Effortless expense management

Convert billable expenses into invoices and bill your clients in no time. Track your team's mileage and convert billable miles into money, making reimbursements a breeze.

Expense management 
Power profits through Project Billing

Track hours spent on projects and bill your clients. Stay within budget with real-time monitoring of project expenses and work hours through a centralized dashboard.

Explore timesheets 
Recurring Billing Logic that fits your business rules

Streamline recurring billing with flexible options, supporting billing configurations for plan purchases, and renewals yearly, monthly, or any custom period.

Simplify metered billing workflow

Charge customers based on their usage or add extra charges to a base fee. Create subscriptions, define usage components and billing frequency to automate the entire workflow.

Metered billing 
Lifecycle ManagementManage the entire customer lifecycle
Share quotes, manage subscriber lifecycles, handle discount rules, and simplify trial management. Maximise conversions and optimise organizational management.
Optimize customer journeys 
Billing Customer lifecycle
Send quotes

Customize quotes using templates and client-specific currency options. Convert accepted quotes into invoices and ensure a smooth transition from quote to payment.

Check out quotes 
Ensure smooth subscriber lifecycle

Create, manage, pause, cancel, reactivate, or extend subscriptions with a single click. Handle upgrades, and downgrades at any point in the billing cycle.

Simplify trial management

Set up, customize, and extend free trials. Keep prospects engaged, and maximize conversion opportunities by automating reminder emails.

Trial management 
CollectionsMaximize collection efforts
Streamline payments to ensure a frictionless experience for customers. Reduce involuntary churn by handling failed payments and recover your revenue effortlessly.
Maximize revenue collections 
Billing Customer lifecycle
Collect payments from anywhere in any form

Accept global payments through more than 10 integrated payment gateways for both one-time and recurring transactions, including credit and debit cards, online banking, and ACH.

Transcend borders advanced multi-currency option

Accept payment in your customers' preferred currency, record multi-currency transactions for customers, and get automatic exchange rate updates, along with detailed reports for greater visibility.

Recover revenue with payment retries

Provide a breezy checkout experience Do away with the need for creating compliant webpages to collect payments. Simply use Zoho Billing's PCI-compliant hosted pages and let your customers choose the product or service and pay for them easily.

Reduce DSO and get paid faster

Prevent payment declines by automating dunning communications, reminders, card updates, expiration alerts, and failed payment notifications.

Monitor dunning performance

Track the recovery rate, revenue recovered, and number of customers saved from involuntary churn through insightful metrics.

Customer portalEmpower your clients

Offer customers seamless access, and a comprehensive overview of all their transactions with your business.

Let them view, accept, and comment on quotes.

Allow them to edit their information, receive notifications about changes, and share invoices directly from the customer portal.

They can also access timesheets and project details via the portal.

Empower clients with seamless access 
Billing Customer lifecycle
Reporting and AnalyticsGain 360-degree visibility
Access actionable reports and granular metrics to make well-informed decisions. Receive valuable insights straight to your inbox, and stay on top of your finances.
Gain complete insight 
Billing Customer lifecycle
Run insightful AR reports

Generate aging reports and get a consolidated view of customer transactions, unpaid invoices, overdue amounts, and payment due dates. Access over 50 custom reports, role-specific dashboards, and shareable reports.

Get granular subscription metrics

Access key subscription metrics like net revenue, MRR, churn rate, activations, and cancellations. Generate reports on trials, aging, cash flow projections, collections, and more.

Customize reports

Customize reports for specific products or time periods and include data from multiple modules. Easily access, print, or export reports in various formats on the fly.

Customization and AutomationImprove workflow efficiency

Receive real-time updates on subscriptions, payments, and invoices by creating webhooks and always stay informed.

Set up customized workflows based on triggers to receive timely notifications tailored to your business needs.

Customize your quotes, invoice templates, customer portal invitation mails, payment receipts and more to suit your branding needs.

Automate recurring tasks and reports with Custom Schedulers, like receiving monthly sales performance report.

Boost efficiency with automation 
Billing Customer lifecycle
IntegrationsEnhanced capabilities with integrations
Empower your team with extended billing capabilities. Streamline information and automate workflows by integrating with a wide range of in-house and third-party apps.
Check out our integrations 
Billing Customer lifecycle

Sync transaction details, avoid duplicate records, generate insightful reports, handle billing, and accounting in one place.


Empower your sales teams to handle the entire sales cycle, from sending quotes to successful customer conversions, billing, and renewals.


Zoho Billing integrates seamlessly with Zoho Cliq and Slack, enabling efficient interaction with employees and keeping you updated on critical business events.

Cloud integrators

Expand your integration possibilities beyond built-in options. With Zoho Flow and Zapier, connect Zoho Billing to over 1,000 apps effortlessly.

Custom integrations

Collect, update and retrieve billing-related data from clients using custom business applications made from Zoho Creator.

Zoho apps

Zoho Billing seamlessly integrates with a powerful suite of Zoho apps such as, Zoho Connect, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Mail, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Sign, Zoho Desk, and Zoho Campaigns.

Other apps

Integrate with third-party apps like G Suite, Office 365, Twilio, Zendesk and more.

Security and CompliancePromise of security and compliance
At Zoho, we put privacy and security first.. We recognize the importance of finding the perfect balance between safeguarding your customers' data and empowering your employees to work efficiently. Zoho Billing meets both of these.
Billing security compliance
Role-based access

Create customized roles and assign users, define permissions, and secure data by controlling access to information in Zoho Billing.


Work with a very secure architecture to prevent unauthorized access by collecting, storing, and processing customers' personal data in accordance with GDPR.


Zoho Billing is PCI-DSS Level 1 certified. Zoho Billing encrypts and protects your customers' sensitive personal and payment information.


Ensure security and protection of ePHI using our HIPAA-compliant features in Zoho Billing.

Message from CEO

Zoho is a software company that ships 45+ products globally. Operating on a subscription pricing model for more than 20 years has given us the opportunity to face and overcome the practical pain points of subscription businesses. Let us solve your subscription billing challenges, together.

Sridhar Vembu

CEO, Zoho Corporation

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