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What is Remote access - Zoho Assist

Remote Access Computers from anywhere

Get started with Zoho Assist - remote desktop access tool that simplifies unattended access. Download the installer or deploy the unattended access installer through bulk deployment and you can manage all your unattended computers right away. Transfer files or reboot the unattended computer and remotely access a PC anytime without the need for your customer to be present at the other end.

Secure remote access solution - Zoho Assist
Remote access computer - Zoho Assist

Instant On-demand Sessions

No prior installation is needed for an instant remote access session. Your customer can join the session in a jiffy and you can focus on troubleshooting. Troubleshoot effectively by sending Ctrl+Alt+Del commands, transferring files, or rebooting the remote computer. Improve your incident resolution time with remote computer access.

File Transfer and Session Reports

Send files to your remote customer's computer quickly from your Technician console without searching for external file sharing software. The file type, size, and extension don't matter. You can also receive files at the same time. Fetching the remote access session details of every support technician based on time range is just a click away.

Remote access a PC - Zoho Assist
Remote connection software - Zoho Assist

Customer Widget and Rebranding

The customer widget, a simple HTML snippet that you can embed on your website, enables your customers to join remote access sessions from your website. Your customers will find it easier than navigating to a different website. Customize your remote access software with the company logo, favicon, and name, and get a customized portal URL for your customers to join the sessions.

Mobile and Browser Apps

With our free mobile apps for iOS and Android, managing unattended computers or running a Remote IT support session is no sweat even if you are on holiday or travel or working from home. With this remote control software, you can simply tap your mobile app to remote access PCs. If you love browser apps for quicker access, you can grab our browser-based remote access apps and extensions.

Remote access PC software - Zoho Assist
Remote access computer software - Zoho Assist

Anti-Virus and UAC Compatible

Zoho Assist is compatible with all major anti-virus software. Zoho Assist, remote control pc software also detects User Access Control(UAC) dialogs on Windows and notifies you to run the remote access app as a service. It elevates the active session with administrator privileges for better remote access control.

How remote access works?

Remote access helps you connect with your devices remotely through a web-based remote support session. You can also use unattended remote access over internet to manage, control, and connect with your remote devices without the user's presence at the remote end.

How to Remote Access a PC

You can access your remote PC using Zoho Assist's on-demand remote support or unattended remote access sessions. Using Zoho Assist, you can establish a remote connection and manage your workplace PCs easily and effectively.

"It's snowing like mad where I am, and Zoho saved me a 90 minute round trip to reboot some resources. Thank you!"

William GoveiaIndiana Limestone, Ind.

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