IT technicians have a rigorous schedule every day. Not only do they run pillar to post solving issues of internal or external customers, they also are expected to solve issues remotely. It is quite likely that they use remote support software that is available on the market in plenty. But of all them, only few stand out the way Zoho Assist does.

Zoho Assist makes an IT technician’s job an absolute delight by making sessions strikingly fast and letting customers join in a jiffy. It also offers premium features at no cost. And, now, we’ve just reinvented it!

Yes! We have now completely rewritten software, added a few more servers, and achieved maximum session speed. IT support technicians around the world rely on the speed of remote support software to achieve quick resolution. That’s why we now bring you increased screen refresh rates.

And,that’s not all; we bring you:

  • A revamped File Transfer window that enables you to simply drag and drop the files to have them sent to your customer.
  • A new HTML5-based Technician console in Mac and Linux that runs entirely on browser and involves zero installation so that you can offer better support.
  • A ‘Help Me’ tab in your console to chat live with us, just in case you need any help!

Click here to check out our other features to know how Zoho Assist adds value to your remote support business.

Releasing iPad app: Just a few taps from wherever you are!

We have also launched the iPad app for Zoho Assist that will help you respond to urgent requests, especially when you are traveling! And, guess what? It’s absolutely FREE!

Zoho Assist iPad App

Using the free iPad app, you can:

  • Take control of the remote computer within seconds
  • Instantly capture screenshots of the remote computer
  • Switch between multiple monitors easily
  • Invite fellow technicians for assistance

Zoho Assist iPad AppJust log on to app store, download, and start supporting your customers right away! Remember, exceptional remote support is just a few taps away!

And, don’t forget to tell us about your experience; we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Joe

    Hey! As years have passed, is it possible to take control of an ipad yet?

    • Saravana Raja

      Hey Joe

      Glad you asked it. We’re about to release Zoho Assist – Customer App for iOS. You can view the remote iPad or iPhone screen with the app though you cannot control it due to the limitations set by Apple.

  2. Mike S

    Great product so far. I like that it compresses graphics automatically, it keeps the speed very high, and the latency very low.

    My only suggestion would be to have a user friendly name that doesn’t change (and it would prompt me to allow a client to connect?, instead of a 9 digit number, that always changes. Generally clients would prefer to just have an icon that they click (should always start elevated – UAC), and that way we don’t have to wait for an email (which is slow), and they can always be linked to me directly, so no need to read a 9 digit # from / to either party, the first time, or for any subsequent session.

    Great product though. I really like the price, best free app, seriously.

    • Saravana Raja

      Thanks for the detailed feedback and suggestions Mike. We’ll certainly consider the possibilities of incorporating them.

  3. Pete Fernald

    How is remote support for Android and iOS coming?

    Most folks do not have iOS because Apple is so restrictive so only screen capture but not true remote control.

    Others do have Android and Blackberry remote control.

    TeamViewer, Bombgar and LogMeIn Rescue have the above capability but very expensive and have to buy base package and then add on Mobile support. Basically works out to $200 a month but some require upfront payment.

    Lots of room for competition here as you probably know. Would be very helpful in general for IT support as well as for Zoho Consultants like myself.

    • Saravana Raja

      Thanks a lot for the comment. I agree Pete. The market is hot and there is a high demand for an app which is affordable without compromising the remote support quality. Our app is under development and you can expect the release pretty soon.

  4. Ryan Johnston

    Any chance Android will be supported for assist sessions ?
    Would be nice to connect and support from an Android device. Noticed last year mention of it potentially being developed …

    • Saravana Raja

      Android app is yet to be developed due to certain other priorities Ryan. I’ll let you know once the beta is ready. But, you can start a remote support session from any browser in your Android mobile as Zoho Assist Technician Console is completely web-based. Do give it a try.

  5. Eric Waggoner

    Love the new setup, but PLEASE make it compatible with User Account Control!!! I hate making customers sit by the computer while I am remoted in, but I have to so they can click yes or no!

    • Saravana Raja

      Hey Eric, did you check Zoho Assist recently? UAC compatibility is in place for quite some time and it is working perfectly. Kindly conduct a test session and if there are any issues, please reach our support team at or click ‘Help Me!’ in the Technician Console to reach us live.

  6. cj

    we wondered when the app will allow you to take control of an ipad?

    • Saravana Raja

      Thanks for asking. We do have plans to develop apps that take control and troubleshoot iPad and Android devices. It will take some time though due to our current priorities. Keep watching this space for updates.

  7. Richard Ewing

    Great news, looking forward to an Android version.

    • Saravana Raja

      Thanks Richard. It may be taken in to development soon.