New Desktop Plugin for Zoho Assist!

Zoho Assist | April 14, 2011 | 1 min read

Zoho Assist was initially dependent on Zoho Meeting to start a remote session from the desktop. Now, with it’s own new and sleek desktop plugin, Zoho Assist has empowered itself to start sessions from the desktop with a single click.

Browser independence is one of the core features of this new plugin. It runs in the task menu and requires very less memory footprint, i.e., it will not eat your system resources while still being handy in establishing a robust remote session. Another major feature is the Auto-Updation. This will help users to enjoy the new features without any manual updation troubles. One can also resume the previous session with a single click. (you don’t need to create a fresh session every time, thereby saving time)

This Zoho Assist plugin is presently available for Microsoft Windows only. We’ll be releasing the other OS versions soon. You can download the plugin here. Hope the new desktop plugin will help you experience the remote sessions on the fly. Happy remoting!

Saravana Raja
Product Marketing

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  1. Jerry Lee

    I need to use Zoho on the desktop without a connection sometimes. Does this grab the data, so if I don’t have a connection(at a clients home), I can add and check current data?

  2. Damita

    Love it, you guys are always coming up with new effective ways to promote productivity!

  3. Anthony

    very cool!