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Integrate Smartsheet with Zoho Analytics and analyze your projects data in-depth. Create insightful reports and dashboards, extract key insights from them, and make better decisions to get better results.

Smartsheet analytics

Derive insights that help increase your team's productivity

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    Seamless Integration

    All your Smartsheet data get synced with your Zoho Analytics account automatically, so you can access and analyze your projects data in real time.

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    Visual Analysis

    Visualize your project data into reports and dashboards with our drag-and-drop interface. Analyze trends, forecast performance, and extract meaningful insights.

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    Smart Analytical Assistant

    Converse with Zia, our AI-powered assistant, in natural language and get answers to your questions in the form of reports. You can both type out and speak your queries.

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    Data Blending

    Gather data from 250+ data sources and create cross-functional reports and dashboards. Gain insights that wouldn’t be possible with data from multiple locations.

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    Embedded Analytics

    Get a white-labeled powerful BI, reporting, and analytics solution, embedded within your product/application or set up as a standalone portal.

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    Collaborative Analytics

    Embed reports and visualizations or share a private link to dashboards with teams. Collaborate with teams by allowing them to comment on your reports.

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"Zoho Analytics is an easy to use business intelligence tool. There are many integration options; Creating custom charts and tables, then organizing them into dashboards is where this software shines."

Michael Torres

Marketing Director, Fabrication Enterprises Inc

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