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Reporting software and reporting tools help you visually analyze your business information. With Zoho Analytics, easily create insightful business reports and dashboards using a drag and drop interface. No IT help required.

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Reporting software to easily create and share visually appealing reports and dashboards

Use Zoho Analytics, the award-winning online reporting tool, to get valuable insights from your business data, and to make informed business decisions.


Upload any data

Securely upload spreadsheets and other tabular data (like CSV, TSV, XLS and HTML files). Or add data directly using a spreadsheet-like interface.


Push data from any application

Push data from hosted or in-house (behind firewall) business applications, and cloud & offline databases for BI reporting and analysis.


Use a variety of BI reporting components

Use a wide variety of charts, pivot tables and tabular view components to build insightful BI reports and dashboards.


Analyze data collaboratively

Develop BI reports and dashboards together with your colleagues. Share with each other for better decision making.


Embed your reports anywhere

Embed your BI reports and dashboards across websites, blogs and applications for wider consumption.


Make use of the development platform

Zoho Analytics is not just reporting software. It is an extensible development platform, which ISVs and developers use to integrate BI reporting capabilities into their applications.

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Video case study of Zoho Analytics customer, Aqualibria

Daniele Poggio, Co-founder, Aqualibria

"Zoho Analytics is a very powerful online reporting tool, and it is very easy to set it up."

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BARC - BI Survey 21

Zoho Analytics received great feedback in BARC's latest "BI Survey 21" report scoring an impressive 12 top rankings and 28 leading positions across 5 different peer groups.

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